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Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Egyptian book of spells deciphered

11-22-2014 | 14

Researchers have succeeded in interpreting a 1,300-year-old handbook full of invocations and spells.

Natural World

Catatumbo Lightning enters the record books

11-11-2014 | 5

A region at the mouth of a river in Venezuela sees more lightning strikes than anywhere else on Earth.

Modern Mysteries

100-year-old notebook found in Antarctica

10-26-2014 | 10

A notebook belonging to a member of Robert Scott's Antarctic expedition team has been found in the ice.

Science & Technology

Oldest medical case of NDE discovered

7-27-2014 | 4

French physician Pierre-Jean du Monchaux wrote about the case in a book almost 300 years ago.

Ancient Mysteries

'Byzantine iPad' discovered in shipwreck

5-21-2014 | 17

The 1,200-year-old wooden notebook and tool was the ancient equivalent of a modern tablet computer.

Ancient Mysteries

'Rocket cats' found in 16th century war book

3-7-2014 | 50

Experts have uncovered a series of strange weapon diagrams in a warfare manual dating back to 1530.


Woman walks off pier while glued to phone

12-19-2013 | 25

A young woman in Australia was so engrossed with Facebook on her phone that she walked off a pier.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghostly figure turns up in Facebook photo

9-4-2013 | 79

A photograph of a woman with a ghostly extra in the background has been circulating the Internet.

Ancient Mysteries

1000-year-old coins found in Australia

5-20-2013 | 71

The discovery of ancient coins on an uninhabited Australian island could soon rewrite the history books.


New book re-opens Turin Shroud debate

3-28-2013 | 40

A new book based on extensive research claims that the famous shroud is not a medieval forgery.


'Troll' creature caught on camera

3-8-2013 | 108

A strange photograph of an unidentified creature has been gaining popularity since appearing on Facebook.

Modern Mysteries

Scientists reveal 16th century Facebook

1-17-2013 | 11

Long before the invention of the computer, Italian academics had their own version of Facebook.

Space & Astronomy

NASA teases 'historic' Mars discovery

11-21-2012 | 114

Curiosity's chief scientist John Grotzinger has described the find as 'one for the history books'.


Great Dane declared world's tallest dog

 VIDEO  9-14-2012 | 27

A Great Dane called Zeus has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest dog ever recorded.


Bookies take on bizarre bets for Olympics

6-2-2012 | 25

Bookmakers have been accepting some rather unusual bets for the upcoming London Olympic Games.

Ancient Mysteries

Long lost pages of 'Book of the Dead' found

4-26-2012 | 48

Ancient papyrus fragments belonging to the book have been found in Australia's Queensland Museum.


'Eau de MacBook Pro' perfume developed

4-21-2012 | 20

Air Aroma have released a bizarre perfume that smells like a new Apple product being opened.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was there a second 'Roswell incident' ?

3-6-2012 | 46

A new book chronicles how a USAF pilot witnessed a Roswell-like crash near the Rio Grande in 1955.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient 3,500-year-old joke book unearthed

1-29-2012 | 12

A newly translated tablet from ancient Mesopotamia has provided a unique look at early humour.

Modern Mysteries

Did Hitler escape to Argentina ?

10-19-2011 | 108

A new book has challenged the idea that Hitler killed himself in Berlin and that he'd fled to Argentina.

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