Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Science & Technology

Russian firm will freeze your brain when you die

1-16-2020 | 10

Looking for a way to cheat death? This firm will freeze your mortal remains in a vat of liquid nitrogen... for a fee.

Science & Technology

Can you survive with half your brain removed?

11-20-2019 | 11

A new study has revealed the remarkable ability of the human brain to adapt even when half of it is missing.

Science & Technology

Lab-grown brains could be 'sentient and in pain'

10-28-2019 | 29

Scientists have warned that miniature brains grown in the lab may have become conscious and could be suffering.

Natural World

Real-life 'blob' has 720 sexes but no brain

10-17-2019 | 18

A zoo in Paris has showcased one of the world's strangest organisms - a brainless, self-healing 'blob'.

Science & Technology

Paralyzed man walks again using exoskeleton

 VIDEO  10-4-2019 | 7

This brain-controlled exoskeleton has made it possible for a tetraplegic to take his first steps unaided.

Science & Technology

'Total Recall' could soon become a reality

8-28-2019 | 15

Scientists report that they have successfully implanted a false memory into a mouse through brain manipulation.

Science & Technology

'Brain-eating' amoeba is an elusive killer

7-30-2019 | 5

A man in North Carolina has become the latest victim of a rare, yet highly deadly type of waterborne microbe.

Modern Mysteries

Anomalies found in 'sonic attack' victims' brains

7-23-2019 | 5

Scientists have identified 'significant differences' in the brains of the diplomats 'attacked' in Cuba.

Science & Technology

Why aren't humans constantly hallucinating ?

7-21-2019 | 13

A fascinating new study has highlighted just how sensitive, yet finely tuned the human brain actually is.

Science & Technology

New details of Elon Musk's Neuralink revealed

7-17-2019 | 13

The firm aims to make it possible for humans to interact with machines through a brain-computer interface.

Science & Technology

Young blood can help to rejuvenate the brain

6-5-2019 | 9

New research has added further credence to the idea that young blood can make older people healthier.

Science & Technology

New brain implant turns thoughts in to speech

 VIDEO  4-25-2019 | 13

An intriguing new mind-reading device could prove invaluable for people who have lost the ability to speak.

Science & Technology

Scientists revive pig brains hours after death

4-18-2019 | 5

A recent experiment has called in to question our understanding of when a person's brain has truly 'died'.

Science & Technology

Human genes used to enhance monkey brains

4-16-2019 | 20

A controversial experiment in China has been likened to something out of a 'Planet of the Apes' movie.

Science & Technology

Scientists create transparent 'brain window'

4-8-2019 | 1

A new 3D-printed skull cap is making it possible for scientists to directly view and monitor a mouse's brain.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Woman blacks out, forgets last 40 years

 VIDEO  3-11-2019 | 19

A woman from Louisiana forgot her entire adult life after suffering from a sudden and extreme bout of memory loss.

Science & Technology

'Night owls' struggle more than 'morning larks'

2-15-2019 | 9

A new study has found that people who naturally stay up late have a harder time sticking to a 9-5 schedule.

Science & Technology

What does a conscious brain look like ?

2-8-2019 | 4

Scientists have been trying to find a way to definitively determine if a brain injured patient is conscious.

Science & Technology

Women's brains '3 years younger' than men's

2-5-2019 | 5

A new study has indicated that women's brains are slightly younger than men's of the same age.

Science & Technology

The human brain retrieves memories backwards

1-15-2019 | 14

A new study has revealed that the human brain actually works in reverse when recalling details of our memories.

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