Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Science & Technology

Monkey plays game of Pong using only its mind

 VIDEO  4-10-2021 | 3

Scientists at Neuralink have made it possible for a monkey to play a computer game just by thinking.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Spooky tales don't spark fear in aphantasics

3-24-2021 | 7

A new study has revealed that ghostly tales and scary stories have little impact on those with mind-blindness.

Science & Technology

Scientists put human genes into monkey brains

11-20-2020 | 9

A recent experiment has raised eyebrows due to its potential to bring about a real-life Planet of the Apes.

Space & Astronomy

The universe is like a giant human brain

11-18-2020 | 23

A new study has noted the striking structural similarities between the universe and the brain inside our heads.

Archaeology & History

Preserved brain cells found in Vesuvius victim

10-8-2020 | 1

Scientists have discovered the preserved brain cells of a man who died during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Modern Mysteries

Doctors discover needles in woman's brain

9-27-2020 | 15

A woman who underwent a CT scan in China was inexplicably found to have two needles in her head.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk shows off Neuralink brain implant

 VIDEO  8-29-2020 | 13

The entrepreneur showcased the brain-computer interface with the assistance of a trio of pig volunteers.

Science & Technology

Neuralink chip to offer 'superhuman hearing'

8-6-2020 | 5

Elon Musk's potentially revolutionary brain-computer interface chip is nothing if not ambitious.

Science & Technology

Blind 'see' letters delivered to their brains

 VIDEO  5-25-2020 | 2

Scientists have found a way to communicate letters and shapes by 'tracing' them directly into the brain.

Space & Astronomy

Future spacefarers may evolve bigger skulls

4-22-2020 | 7

Scientists have identified one of the more unexpected ways in which the body changes while in space.

Science & Technology

AI can turn human thoughts into written word

4-2-2020 | 16

A remarkable new AI system has been designed that can read what someone is thinking and turn it into text.

Science & Technology

Meditation slows brain age of Buddhist monk

3-18-2020 | 1

An intriguing new study suggests that regular meditation may actually help to slow down the aging process.

Science & Technology

'Engine of consciousness' found in macaques

2-24-2020 | 2

Scientists have identified an area of the brain that seems to be strongly connected to consciousness.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk teases 'awesome' Neuralink update

2-10-2020 | 7

The billionnaire tech magnate is working on developing a revolutionary new type of brain-computer interface.

Archaeology & History

Volcanic eruption turned victims' brains to glass

1-23-2020 | 1

This dire fate awaited the residents of Herculaneum when Mount Vesuvius erupted in the year 79.

Science & Technology

Russian firm will freeze your brain when you die

1-16-2020 | 10

Looking for a way to cheat death? This firm will freeze your mortal remains in a vat of liquid nitrogen... for a fee.

Science & Technology

Can you survive with half your brain removed?

11-20-2019 | 11

A new study has revealed the remarkable ability of the human brain to adapt even when half of it is missing.

Science & Technology

Lab-grown brains could be 'sentient and in pain'

10-28-2019 | 29

Scientists have warned that miniature brains grown in the lab may have become conscious and could be suffering.

Nature & Environment

Real-life 'blob' has 720 sexes but no brain

10-17-2019 | 18

A zoo in Paris has showcased one of the world's strangest organisms - a brainless, self-healing 'blob'.

Science & Technology

Paralyzed man walks again using exoskeleton

 VIDEO  10-4-2019 | 7

This brain-controlled exoskeleton has made it possible for a tetraplegic to take his first steps unaided.

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