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Science & Technology

Scientists email brainwaves 5,000 miles

8-30-2014 | 19

A new experiment has succeeded in sending a message from one brain to another across continents.

Science & Technology

'Robo brain' could lead to a real-life Skynet

8-27-2014 | 19

An 'Internet for robots' has been developed to provide a global knowledge resource for machines.

Science & Technology

Physiologist built a brain scanner in 1882

8-23-2014 | 3

Angelo Mosso built a device to observe how the brain functioned by weighing a person's head.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Woman becomes 'hyper empath' after surgery

8-12-2014 | 21

A woman who underwent a brain operation is now believed to possess a heightened sense of empathy.

Science & Technology

Computer chip can think like a human brain

8-9-2014 | 17

IBM has developed a sophisticated new chip that works by simulating the neurons inside the human brain.

Science & Technology

$1.6B Human Brain Project under fire

7-7-2014 | 9

More than 190 neuroscience researchers have condemned the project as a waste of money.

Science & Technology

Consciousness on-off switch discovered

7-5-2014 | 47

Scientists have identified the area of the brain responsible for triggering our conscious experience.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can we slow down our perception of time ?

6-30-2014 | 31

A man who had suffered an aneurysm discovered that he was perceiving the world as if time had stopped.

Science & Technology

Is the concept of 'free will' an illusion ?

6-23-2014 | 35

Scientists believe that free will could be due to fluctuations in the background noise of the brain.

Science & Technology

Albert Einstein's brain 'not so special'

5-31-2014 | 34

Psychologist Terence Hines has debunked previous claims that Einstein's brain had special properties.

Science & Technology

What is the purpose of yawning ?

5-15-2014 | 20

The conventional idea that yawning is a sign of tiredness or boredom is now thought to be incorrect.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists learn how to induce lucid dreaming

5-14-2014 | 35

Influencing the brain through electric scalp stimulation can allow a person to control their own dreams.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Do our thoughts exist in the physical world ?

5-9-2014 | 114

Philosophers have pondered for thousands of years over the very nature of human consciousness.

Science & Technology

Scientists use machine to read minds

3-30-2014 | 20

A new technique is able to see and accurately reconstruct images directly from a person's mind.

Science & Technology

Lack of sleep can cause brain damage

3-23-2014 | 18

Failing to get enough sleep could not only make you tired, it could permanently damage your brain cells.

World of the Bizarre

Woman gains drawing ability after head injury

3-21-2014 | 11

Up until the accident Pip Taylor was almost completely useless at drawing and sketching.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists probe out-of-body experiences

3-8-2014 | 30

For the first time a brain scan has revealed what happens when someone is undertaking an 'astral trip'.

Nature & Environment

Brain scans reveal dogs' vocal responses

2-22-2014 | 10

A new study has shown that a dog's brain reacts to voices in much the same way as the brain of a human.

Science & Technology

Monkey's brain controls 'avatar' movements

2-20-2014 | 8

Scientists have managed to enable one monkey to control the movements of a second 'avatar' monkey.

Science & Technology

Scientists film how brain makes memories

 VIDEO  1-29-2014 | 8

For the first time ever, researchers have caught on video the process responsible for memory formation.

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