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Nature & Environment

Woman stung by bees over 1,000 times

3-10-2014 | 31

A huge swarm of Africanized honey bees attacked an elderly woman and two firefighters in California.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Farmers using dowsers to tackle drought

3-5-2014 | 92

Californian farmers are turning to the metaphysical to help locate water sources in the absence of rain.

Modern Mysteries

Intricate crop circle appears in California

 VIDEO  1-1-2014 | 116

A strange crop circle has been hitting the headlines since appearing in a barley field east of Salinas.

Nature & Environment

Giant 18ft oarfish found by snorkeler

10-16-2013 | 17

Marine instructor Jasmine Santana spotted the massive creature off the coast of California.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs spotted hovering over a smoking ship

 VIDEO  10-13-2013 | 39

A video has appeared online showing unusual lights in the sky above a boat off the California coast.


'Weeping' tree worshipped in California

8-15-2013 | 35

Catholics have flocked to a tree in Fresno, California because they believe it is weeping God's tears.


Should Yoga be taught in schools ?

7-3-2013 | 96

A lawsuit in California centers around complaints over whether Yoga should be practiced in schools.

Nature & Environment

Massive shark caught off California coast

6-6-2013 | 47

A huge shortfin mako shark caught in Southern California looks like it could be a world record breaker.

Nature & Environment

Dolphin 'mega-pod' spotted off San Diego

2-18-2013 | 45

An abnormally large group of 100,000 dolphins has been sighted swimming off the coast of California.

World of the Bizarre

Superman filmed soaring over California coast

 VIDEO  1-9-2013 | 13

A video of the famous 'Man of Steel' swooping over the Californian coastline has recently gone viral.

Nature & Environment

Meat-eating sponge observed on ocean floor

11-14-2012 | 18

A bizarre carnivorous sponge shaped like a candelabra has been found off the coast off California.

Nature & Environment

Death Valley is hottest place ever recorded

9-15-2012 | 6

In 1913 a temperature of 56.7 degrees Celsius was recorded in California's infamous Death Valley.

The UFO Phenomenon

Robbie Williams to build UFO spotting base

9-7-2012 | 16

The former 'Take That' singer believes White Rock Island in California would be the ideal location.

Science & Technology

Giant fireball explodes over California

4-27-2012 | 4

Tiny meteorites from an exploding fireball have been found scattered across northern California.

Nature & Environment

Rare 'cyclops' shark found

10-16-2011 | 11

A shark fetus with only one eye has been found inside a pregnant dusky shark off the Gulf of California.

Space & Astronomy

Woman held for 'trying to sell moon rock'

5-22-2011 | 29

A Californian woman was arrested in a sting operation trying to sell a moon rock for $1.7 million.

Archaeology & History

Evidence found of early American seafaring

3-8-2011 | 105

Ancient seafaring and maritime tools have been discovered on California's Channel Islands.

Modern Mysteries

US military baffled by mystery missile

11-10-2010 | 10

A mysterious missile off the coast of California has US military officials scratching their heads.

Science & Technology

Zoo to bring back endangered species

7-2-2010 | 12

A Californian zoo is planning to bring endangered species back from the brink using frozen cells.

World of the Bizarre

Dog shoots owner

2-2-2010 | 31

In a peculiar set of events a duck hunter was accidentally shot by his dog during a hunting trip in California.

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