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Iron Man balloon sparks 'alien' scare in India

10-18-2020 | 3

A novelty balloon of the metal-suited Marvel hero recently caused panic in the town of Dankaur, India.

Modern Mysteries

Time capsule found in walls of Jewish museum

9-25-2020 | 0

The capsule, which dates back to 1873, was discovered by workers who had been carrying out renovation work.


Girl is lifted into the air by a kite in Taiwan

 VIDEO  8-30-2020 | 7

A freak accident saw a young girl being carried skyward by a large kite during a kite festival earlier today.


'Project Loon' sparks UFO scare over the Congo

 VIDEO  8-27-2020 | 2

A large silver-colored object that crashed deep in the jungle was initially mistaken for something otherworldly.

Science & Technology

USAF shows interest in 'Hexa' VTOL aircraft

 VIDEO  8-26-2020 | 3

US Air Force leaders were on-hand to witness a test flight of the drone-like Hexa 'flying car' last week.


Two goats 'attack' police car on Isle of Wight

8-24-2020 | 10

Police in the UK have launched a tongue-in-cheek appeal for information on the unlikely suspects.


Massive sinkhole swallows up cars in China

 VIDEO  8-19-2020 | 4

Almost two dozen vehicles disappeared beneath the ground after a sinkhole opened up in China this week.


Fossil of gigantic predatory fish unearthed

7-7-2020 | 3

Palaeontologists have discovered the fossil remains of a 70 million-year-old carnivorous fish in Patagonia.

Natural World

Huge bird catches 'shark' in new viral video

 VIDEO  7-4-2020 | 9

The spectacle of a bird catching an enormous fish has been captured on film at South Carolina's Myrtle Beach.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Should you hunt ghosts in your own home ?

6-21-2020 | 33

Carrying out a paranormal investigation of your own personal abode may have some serious drawbacks.

Natural World

Shark shows signs of scrap with a giant squid

6-11-2020 | 4

An oceanic whitetip shark was recently found with scarring consistent with a fight with a giant cephalopod.


Pakistani 'spy' pigeon is captured by police

5-29-2020 | 13

A pigeon carrying a 'coded message' was recently captured by authorities in India on suspicion of spying.


Fossil of world's largest kangaroo discovered

5-22-2020 | 6

Scientists in Australia have unearthed a gargantuan kangaroo and a giant lizard the size of a car.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Revisited: the mystery of the A3 'ghost crash'

5-15-2020 | 8

A chance sighting of a car accident by a member of the public spawned an urban legend that endures to this day.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Eerie female 'ghost' enforces lockdown in India

5-12-2020 | 7

A ghostly costumed figure has been scaring residents into staying indoors in the Indian village of Odisha.


5-year-old steals car to go buy a Lamborghini

 VIDEO  5-10-2020 | 19

A young driving fan from Utah recently attempted to drive hundreds of miles to buy himself a supercar.

Space & Astronomy

X-37B set to launch on new mystery mission

5-9-2020 | 0

The US military's secretive space plane is due to launch on May 16th with a cargo full of experiments.


Bizarre prehistoric 'crazy beast' revealed

 VIDEO  5-1-2020 | 4

A strange mammal that lived in Madagascar has been described as 'one of evolution's abandoned experiments'.

Modern Mysteries

Man discovers a car buried in his back garden

4-22-2020 | 12

John Brayshaw was digging in his yard in Heckmondwike when he unearthed an entire 1950s Ford Popular 103E.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Volunteer 'ghosts' ensure Indonesia lockdown

 VIDEO  4-17-2020 | 2

A bizarre new scheme has seen volunteers dress up as ghosts to scare people into staying inside their homes.

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