Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Modern Mysteries

Diary reveals location of hidden Nazi gold stash

6-4-2020 | 3

A mysterious diary kept for decades by a Masonic lodge could lead to the whereabouts of 30 tons of Nazi gold.


Mystery big cats reported across Scotland

5-26-2020 | 1

Recent accounts have indicated that the Loch Ness Monster is not the only thing lurking in the Scottish wilds.

Science & Technology

Blind 'see' letters delivered to their brains

 VIDEO  5-25-2020 | 2

Scientists have found a way to communicate letters and shapes by 'tracing' them directly into the brain.

Space & Astronomy

Mars colonists could be genetically modified

5-23-2020 | 6

For future settlers, living and working on Mars could mean having to undergo genetic modification.

Space & Astronomy

Pockets of salty water on Mars may be common

5-12-2020 | 0

A new study has indicated that salty water may be more common on the Martian surface than previously believed.

Science & Technology

Record-breaking hail described as 'gargantuan'

 VIDEO  4-30-2020 | 6

Deluges of hailstones up to 9.3 inches in size have necessitated a whole new category designation.


Mystery big cat sparks fresh 'Fen Tiger' rumors

4-14-2020 | 16

A Cambridge University worker has photographed a large wildcat with 'big claws' in his garden.

Natural World

Deep-sea squid 'talk' in the dark by glowing

 VIDEO  4-6-2020 | 0

The Humboldt squid has evolved a novel solution to the problem of communicating in the depths of the ocean.


Neanderthals dined on sharks and dolphins

3-28-2020 | 12

New research has revealed that the Neanderthals were no stranger to catching and eating sea creatures.

Space & Astronomy

First US Space Force satellite has launched

 VIDEO  3-27-2020 | 3

A 'jam-proof' communications satellite for the newest branch of the US military has successfully launched.


Vicar catches on fire during online sermon

3-22-2020 | 8

A Plymouth vicar managed to set his own clothes on fire while filming for his church's online Sunday service.

Ancient Mysteries

Long-lost Maya capital found in man's back yard

3-13-2020 | 5

Scientists have discovered the capital of an ancient Maya kingdom in the back yard of a cattle rancher.

Space & Astronomy

Mars organic compounds 'consistent with life'

3-5-2020 | 8

Scientists believe that organic compounds known as thiophenes could be an indicator of life on Mars.


Giant paw print sparks Australia big cat debate

3-1-2020 | 12

The discovery of a large feline print in the Blue Mountains has reignited speculation of a mystery big cat.


SETI to hunt for alien 'technosignatures'

2-16-2020 | 11

SETI is ramping up its search for intelligent alien life by sniffing out indicators of extraterrestrial technology.

Modern Mysteries

SS Cotopaxi shipwreck found after 94 years

1-30-2020 | 3

A steamship that famously went missing near the Bermuda Triangle in 1925 has finally been located.


Elusive thief lives in grocery store ceiling

1-22-2020 | 5

Cops in Auburn have been struggling to catch a thief who lives in the rafters of the very store he keeps robbing.


Robber scatters cash, yells 'Merry Christmas!'

12-25-2019 | 6

A man with a white beard recently robbed a bank, threw the money in the air, then shouted 'Merry Christmas'.


Cat saves baby from falling down staircase

 VIDEO  11-12-2019 | 16

This remarkable video from Colombia shows the moment a cat leaps into action to save a baby from a nasty fall.


Kitten named Duo was born with two faces

 VIDEO  11-9-2019 | 1

Despite being born with a potentially fatal condition, the plucky little feline has so far defied all the odds.

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