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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Space & Astronomy

NASA releases new 'blue marble' Earth image

7-21-2015 | 12

The breathtaking image was captured one million miles away by the Deep Space Climate Observatory.

Science & Technology

CIA ends secretive climate research project

5-24-2015 | 48

The CIA has pulled the plug on a project designed to investigate climate-related security threats.

Science & Technology

Scientists sample one million-year-old air

5-12-2015 | 9

A snapshot of the past has been found in the form of a bubble frozen in the Antarctic ice.


Is the CIA developing weather weapons ?

2-15-2015 | 18

A senior US scientist has expressed concern over the use of climate data by US intelligence agencies.

Natural World

Termite mounds help combat climate change

2-8-2015 | 2

Far from being unwanted pests, termites are actually turning out to be good for the environment.

Natural World

Attenborough calls for climate change action

1-3-2015 | 39

The naturalist believes that world leaders are in denial over the dangers posed by global warming.

Science & Technology

Climate change fixes 'could harm billions'

11-27-2014 | 59

Geo-engineering schemes designed to tackle global warming could prove disastrous for billions of people.

Science & Technology

Paintings shed light on Earth's atmosphere

3-25-2014 | 7

Researchers have been able to piece together clues about the environment by looking at old paintings.

Science & Technology

Glacier melted long before climate change

2-23-2014 | 53

Scientists have argued that the Pine Island Glacier was melting just as quickly over 8,000 years ago.

Science & Technology

Planet cooling idea could cause climate chaos

1-8-2014 | 27

A proposal to reduce global warming using tiny reflective particles has been condemned by scientists.

Science & Technology

New greenhouse gas dwarfs CO2 impact

12-12-2013 | 18

A recently discovered gas appears to be 7,000 times more impactful on climate change than CO2.

Science & Technology

Will climate change cause humans to shrink ?

11-2-2013 | 16

Scientists have warned that future generations could be a lot shorter than people who are alive today.

Science & Technology

How can we 'solve' climate change ?

9-30-2013 | 19

The UN climate change panel has been considering some unorthodox ways to tackle global warming.

Science & Technology

Nations try to hide global warming slowdown

9-22-2013 | 43

Controversy surrounds many of the conclusions of the IPCC climate change report to be revealed on Friday.


Did climate change wipe out the mammoths ?

9-11-2013 | 18

New evidence suggests that climate change, not human hunting, was responsible for wiping out mammoths.

Science & Technology

Cities to be drowned by rising seas by 2100

8-27-2013 | 70

A leaked report from the IPCC has painted a grim picture of the future implications of climate change.

Science & Technology

Climate change could lead to more wars

8-4-2013 | 64

A rise in global temperatures could have more than just an environmental effect on the world we live in.

Science & Technology

Can global warming be reversed ?

7-12-2013 | 75

Climate researchers have been investigating possible ways to reverse the effects of global warming.

Natural World

Climate change to make millions homeless

5-13-2013 | 44

Climate change expert Lord Stern has warned that rising carbon dioxide levels could destroy communities.


Secret donors fund climate change attacks

1-26-2013 | 46

A secret organisation has been accepting large donations to undermine the science of global warming.

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