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Space & Astronomy

Water clouds discovered on brown dwarf

8-29-2014 | 7

Astronomers have found evidence of water clouds outside of our own solar system for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

Hubble finds clouds on nearby alien worlds

1-3-2014 | 10

Astronomers using the Hubble telescope have picked up signs of cloud cover on two extrasolar planets.

Science & Technology

Weather laser can induce rain and lightning

8-28-2013 | 28

Scientists are experimenting with laser pulses that can create clouds and influence the weather.

Nature & Environment

Storm clouds are crawling with bacteria

1-24-2013 | 20

Scientists have discovered that the clouds above our heads are filled with microbial life.

World of the Bizarre

Man's face seen in clouds before death

2-10-2012 | 11

A woman in Australia saw a cloud formation that looked like her brother just days before his death.

Space & Astronomy

NASA probe to peer through Jupiter's clouds

8-1-2011 | 12

NASA's new Juno spacecraft is set to begin a five year voyage to Jupiter later this week.

Space & Astronomy

NASA may send fleet of spacecraft to Venus

3-20-2009 | 27

NASA could be sending a small fleet of spacecraft to Venus within the next fifteen years, including two high-altitude ba...

Nature & Environment

Cloud seeding causes heavy snow in China

2-21-2009 | 11

Several highways around China's capital Beijing were closed on Thursday after a torrent of heavy snow caused by the seed...

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