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Science & Technology

Consciousness on-off switch discovered

7-5-2014 | 47

Scientists have identified the area of the brain responsible for triggering our conscious experience.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Do our thoughts exist in the physical world ?

5-9-2014 | 114

Philosophers have pondered for thousands of years over the very nature of human consciousness.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Is there a third state of consciousness ?

9-23-2013 | 20

The results of a recent study have revealed that a strange new state of human consciousness may exist.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Will we ever understand consciousness ?

6-2-2013 | 71

Are humans capable of ever fully understanding the nature of our own consciousness ?

Science & Technology

Real life Frankenstein to create life by 2018

1-6-2010 | 20

Doctor turned engineer Professor Henry Markram has announced plans to create an artificial consciousness by 2018.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Finding signatures of consciousness

11-15-2009 | 0

Scientists working on determining the intricacies of human consciousness have found the telltale signature using brain s...

Metaphysics & Psychology

The brain "consciousness signature"

3-18-2009 | 4

Electrodes implanted in the brain of drug resistant epilepsy have revealed that human consciousness arises from the coor...

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