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Modern Mysteries

Siberian craters linked to Bermuda Triangle

10-11-2014 | 38

Scientists believe that they have finally determined what caused several huge holes to appear in Siberia.

Space & Astronomy

Meteorite falls near Nicaraguan capital

9-9-2014 | 13

A small space rock left a sizeable crater near Managua's international airport on Saturday night.

Modern Mysteries

More mysterious holes appear in Siberia

7-29-2014 | 33

Two new unexplained craters have now been discovered in the permafrost of Russia's far north.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious gigantic hole appears in Siberia

 VIDEO  7-16-2014 | 115

A massive crater has inexplicably opened up in Siberia's remote Yamal peninsula region.

Space & Astronomy

Crater supports evidence for life on Mars

1-21-2013 | 20

Scientists believe that the components for life have been present on Mars for millions of years.

Space & Astronomy

Mars rover beams back panoramic view

8-11-2012 | 28

NASA's Curiosity rover has returned a stunning panoramic view of the landscape within Gale Crater.

Space & Astronomy

Mars lander targets unusual crater

10-3-2011 | 50

The team behind the car-sized Curiosity rover is hoping to explore an unusual crater called "Gale".

Space & Astronomy

Opportunity reaches Endeavour crater

8-11-2011 | 8

The Mars rover Opportunity has arrived at a large crater containing rocks that haven't been seen before.

Science & Technology

Egyptian meteorite crater found on Google

10-3-2010 | 10

An expedition has confirmed the existence of a crater in Egypt discovered on Google Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Bizarre elongated crater is a Martian mystery

8-30-2010 | 12

A peculiar elongated crater on the surface of Mars that doesn't fit with standard models has left astronomers baffled.

Space & Astronomy

Fiery meteorite hits Latvia

10-26-2009 | 5

An unknown object now believed to be a meteorite has impacted in a small town in Latvia, mystery endures however as at l...

Natural World

Lost world found in Papua New Guinea

9-8-2009 | 8

A team of scientists has discovered over 40 unidentified species in a lost world contained inside a kilometre deep crate...


Boy hit by 30,000mph meteorite

6-13-2009 | 40

A teenager on his way to school looked up to see a white-hot meteorite travelling towards him at 30,000mph, the object s...

Space & Astronomy

Huge impact crater discovered on Mercury

5-1-2009 | 0

NASA's Messenger spacecraft has taken a close up look at the planet Mercury, revealing many features that have never bee...

Science & Technology

Asteroid extinction theory challenged

4-30-2009 | 2

The theory that a giant asteroid impact 65 million years ago resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs has been called...

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