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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Witness recounts 'winged creature' encounter

1-18-2021 | 13

Three people had been driving in northeastern Illinois when they saw a flying creature with 'human proportions'.


Prehistoric 'sea dragon' fossil unearthed

12-27-2020 | 3

Palaeontologists have identified a new prehistoric sea creature that lived in what is now the English Channel.


'Monkey Man' caught on camera in Singapore

12-21-2020 | 28

A photograph of an alleged Bigfoot-like creature that was spotted in a forest has been doing the rounds online.


'Creature' blamed for mystery bridge deaths

11-28-2020 | 6

A prophet is investigating a series of deaths attributed to a mysterious creature at a bridge in Zimbabwe.


Another mystery sonar hit spotted in Loch Ness

11-5-2020 | 15

Further evidence of a large creature has been picked up by Cruise Loch Ness director Ronald Mackenzie.


Strange creatures filmed in Argentina and Brazil

10-24-2020 | 32

Two videos have recently emerged showing unidentified creatures lurking around in the darkness.


Couple spots 'bus-sized' creature in Loch Ness

9-26-2020 | 119

Corey Sturrock and his wife had been out for a walk when they spotted something very large in the water.


Weird 'creature' in India turns out to be a hoax

9-11-2020 | 28

Photographs of a very strange creature have generated quite a stir on social media over the last few days.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Falmouth Shadow' runs out in front of vehicle

9-4-2020 | 44

Footage has emerged showing an unidentifiable 'shadow creature' scurrying across the road in the dark.

Natural World

Giant 'Darth Vader' isopod found in Indonesia

8-20-2020 | 5

Researchers in Indonesia have discovered a new species of giant isopod - a bug-like creature the size of a small dog.


Reptile had a neck 3 times the length of its body

8-9-2020 | 8

Scientists have been studying how a prehistoric creature named Tanystropheus supported its insanely long neck.


Woman 'chased by Bigfoot' in New York park

 VIDEO  7-26-2020 | 21

A local news station has reported on one woman's disturbing encounter with a mysterious ape creature.


Video footage of peculiar 'lizard' goes viral

7-12-2020 | 25

A short clip of a very strange looking lizard-like creature has left social media users scratching their heads.


'10ft lake monster' caught on camera in China

 VIDEO  7-9-2020 | 17

Footage showing an unidentified creature lurking in the water of a Chinese lake has appeared on social media.


New Loch Ness Monster photographs emerge

6-23-2020 | 60

A series of images showing some sort of creature emerging from the loch have recently appeared online.


Chilling clip shows 'creature' in Polish forest

 VIDEO  6-16-2020 | 55

An unnerving, albeit questionable video recording of an unidentified creature has recently gone viral online.


'Giant' allegedly captured on camera in Mexico

5-27-2020 | 57

Residents of Mexico's San Luis Potosi region reportedly claim to have witnessed a very large humanoid creature.

Natural World

Woman films weird bug crawling on the street

 VIDEO  5-8-2020 | 6

Nicole Doctor had been walking her dog in Atlanta, Georgia when she encountered this peculiar creature.


The strange case of the Cornish Owlman

4-19-2020 | 9

Back in 1976, several reports of a large owl-like creature sparked a legend that continues to endure to this day.


Spate of 'werewolf' sightings reported in Mexico

4-16-2020 | 44

Residents of Coita in the Mexican state of Chiapas have been reporting sightings of a large wolf-like creature.

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