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Ghosts & Hauntings

'The Crown' star contacted character's ghost

9-22-2018 | 6

Helena Bonham Carter hired a psychic to contact the late Princess Margaret for advice on her latest TV role.

Modern Mysteries

'Microwave weapons' suspected in Cuba attacks

 VIDEO  9-3-2018 | 11

Scientists now believe that microwave weapons were used in the recent attacks on US diplomats in Havana.

Science & Technology

Google AI can now pick out voices in a crowd

 VIDEO  4-16-2018 | 1

The search giant has developed new software that can isolate individual voices in a crowded room.


Man cements his own head inside a microwave

12-8-2017 | 35

A YouTube prankster had to be rescued by the fire service after his latest stunt went spectacularly wrong.

Natural World

Ravens are capable of spotting unfair deals

6-10-2017 | 5

A new research paper has revealed that ravens and crows can determine whether or not a deal is fair.


15 people attacked by crow at college campus

6-1-2017 | 16

Students in Ireland have ended up under siege by a particularly violent attacker of the avian variety.

Natural World

London street swarmed by thousands of bees

 VIDEO  5-18-2017 | 10

Pedestrians were left ducking for cover as the swarm descended on a crowded street earlier this week.


Crowds attend Italy's 'Battle of the Oranges'

 VIDEO  3-3-2017 | 3

Thousands of people turned out last week to throw oranges at one another in the streets of Ivrea.


Great dane is crowned world's tallest dog

 VIDEO  12-31-2016 | 10

Despite starting out as the runt of the litter, four-year-old Freddy has grown to be 40.75 inches tall.

Natural World

Crowds queue up to see Corpse Flower bloom

 VIDEO  12-29-2015 | 5

A particularly unusual and foul-smelling flower is known to bloom only once every 1,000 days.


Real-life 'wizard school' proves very popular

 VIDEO  11-30-2015 | 5

A crowdfunding campaign for a role-playing wizard's school adventure has so far raised over $230,000.

The UFO Phenomenon

New crowdfunding project aims to hunt UFOs

 VIDEO  11-21-2015 | 17

The Indiegogo campaign aims to raise $50,000 to launch a satellite that will seek out alien visitors.


Architects propose real-life Minas Tirith

8-15-2015 | 13

A new IndieGoGo campaign hopes to raise almost $3 billion to build the fictional Lord of the Rings city.

Science & Technology

World's first robot wedding takes place

 VIDEO  6-29-2015 | 14

Crowds gathered to watch as the two robots tied the knot at an unconventional ceremony in Japan.


New horned 'Hellboy' dinosaur discovered

6-5-2015 | 3

Palaentologists have unearthed a cousin of Triceratops with a spectacular crown-like frill on its head.


'Alien' signal turns out to be microwave oven

4-14-2015 | 47

Astronomers in Australia discovered an unexpected source for a series of mysterious radio signals.

Space & Astronomy

Moon mission to be funded by Kickstarter

11-19-2014 | 12

A British company is hoping to raise enough money through crowdfunding to land a robot on the moon.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Group investigates 'haunted' microwave

9-16-2014 | 54

A Kansas couple reported the appliance after experiencing a spate of strange occurrences.

Modern Mysteries

Police raid pub looking for 'Holy Grail'

8-13-2014 | 24

Police officers swarmed Herefordshire's Crown Inn on Sunday in search of the stolen Nanteos Cup.

The UFO Phenomenon

Crowds gather for annual Nexus conference

8-3-2014 | 10

Conspiracy theorists, UFO watchers and other enthusiasts have gathered this weekend in Queensland.

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