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Modern Mysteries

Aleister Crowley's Loch Ness home up for sale

4-19-2019 | 22

The eerie building, which was gutted by a fire in 2015, was once owned by the infamous writer and occultist.

Science & Technology

CDC declares mystery disease an 'urgent threat'

4-9-2019 | 31

The deadly fungus 'candida auris' is becoming an increasing concern due to how difficult it is to identify.

Science & Technology

1,000mph supersonic car project has been axed

12-9-2018 | 15

The highly ambitious Bloodhound SSC has now gone up for sale following a spate of financial difficulties.

Space & Astronomy

Dr Who and Star Trek get new constellations

 VIDEO  10-20-2018 | 1

NASA has revealed an unofficial list of new gamma ray constellations based on popular culture icons.

Archaeology & History

Neolithic women were stronger than athletes

11-30-2017 | 27

The arms of women who lived 7,000 years ago were stronger than those of today's elite Olympic rowers.

Science & Technology

Earthworms can reproduce in Martian soil

11-28-2017 | 28

The results of a recent experiment suggest that the soil on Mars is likely to be suitable for agriculture.

Science & Technology

China develops way to grow rice in salt water

10-24-2017 | 25

The remarkable agricultural breakthrough could help to feed millions of people over the coming decades.


Catholic Church: 'exorcists in urgent demand'

9-29-2016 | 97

A rise in occult and superstitious practices has allegedly brought about a major exorcist shortage.


How did our ancestors consume raw meat ?

3-10-2016 | 34

Raw meat is notoriously difficult to chew, so how did our prehistoric ancestors manage to do it ?


How long could a big conspiracy really last ?

1-27-2016 | 70

A new maths study has suggested that it is very difficult to keep a conspiracy under wraps for long.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Could the 'Thunderbird' be a real creature ?

2-13-2015 | 73

Legends of a huge bird have been an integral part of American Midwest culture for centuries.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghosts are still big business in Thailand

2-12-2015 | 4

Ghosts, fortune telling and superstitions remain an integral part of the local culture in Thailand.

Archaeology & History

Switching to farming made our bones lighter

12-27-2014 | 3

Our species developed more fragile bones when our ancestors switched from hunting to agriculture.

Space & Astronomy

Radiation could thwart future space travel

10-24-2014 | 21

Sending humans in to space is set to become more difficult due to cosmic radiation exposure.

Archaeology & History

Ancient cult complex unearthed in Israel

10-15-2014 | 3

Archaeologists have discovered the long lost ruins of a huge cult complex at the site of Tel Burna.

Nature & Environment

Wild chimp culture caught on camera

10-1-2014 | 13

Researchers have captured evidence of chimpanzees learning a new type of tool use from one another.

Science & Technology

Will we soon be buying 3D printed shoes ?

9-13-2014 | 5

Difficulties finding a pair of new shoes that fit perfectly could soon be a thing of the past.

Metaphysics & Psychology

UK is home to subculture of 15,000 vampires

5-30-2014 | 122

A psychology lecturer is carrying out the first ever online academic study in to the lives of vampires.

Nature & Environment

Mysterious chimp 'mega-culture' discovered

 VIDEO  2-8-2014 | 25

A huge population of chimpanzees appears to be thriving in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nature & Environment

Python kills security guard in Bali

12-28-2013 | 10

The guard got in to difficulties when he attempted to catch the snake outside a luxury hotel.

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