Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

ESA's Euclid mission is preparing to probe the mysteries of dark matter

6-30-2023 | 1

The mission could offer up the best chance yet of solving the enigma of dark matter and dark energy.

Space & Astronomy

'Einstein Rings' could help us to solve the mystery of dark matter

4-24-2023 | 0

Distorted images of deep space caused by gravitational lensing could provide a clue to this long-running enigma.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery surrounds 'dark' galaxy that emits no visible light at all

2-12-2023 | 9

Astronomers have identified a very unusual galaxy that could help improve our understanding of dark matter.

Space & Astronomy

Arrakhis mission set to unravel the secrets of dark matter

12-22-2022 | 0

The European Space Agency is working on a new mission to track down dark matter and find out what it is made of.

Space & Astronomy

New theory of gravity could remove need for dark matter

7-11-2022 | 14

What if we could explain the movement of stars and galaxies without relying on dark matter to fill in the gaps?

Science & Technology

Newly upgraded Large Hadron Collider resumes hunt for dark matter

 VIDEO  7-6-2022 | 0

The world's largest atom smasher is back in action after a four-year hiatus.

Space & Astronomy

How can we be so sure that dark matter exists ?

6-8-2022 | 15

It's supposed to be the most common form of matter in the universe, but nobody has ever actually seen it.

Science & Technology

Newly upgraded Large Hadron Collider could solve mystery of dark matter

4-22-2022 | 17

After a three-year hiatus, the iconic atom smasher is preparing to begin a new era of scientific discoveries.

Space & Astronomy

Is there an 'anti-universe' that runs backwards in time ?

3-20-2022 | 15

A radical new theory aims to solve many of the universe's biggest mysteries, including dark matter.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery galaxy seems to have no dark matter whatsoever

12-8-2021 | 4

The fascinating discovery could turn what we know about galaxy formation on its head.

Space & Astronomy

New clue found in the hunt for dark matter

3-4-2020 | 13

Scientists may have finally determined what might be behind this mysterious, invisible form of matter.

Science & Technology

Scientists observe 'rarest event ever recorded'

4-24-2019 | 9

An extremely rare event has been observed by scientists working on unraveling the mysteries of dark matter.

Science & Technology

Is the universe riding on an expanding bubble ?

1-4-2019 | 11

A new theory has proposed that our universe is riding on the edge of an expanding bubble in an extra dimension.

Space & Astronomy

'Dark fluid' could make up 95% of the universe

12-5-2018 | 27

Scientists have suggested that most of the universe may be made up of a 'dark fluid' with a negative mass.

Science & Technology

Scientists launch hunt for mystery 'dark force'

9-3-2018 | 9

The ambitious search for a fifth force of nature could revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos.

Space & Astronomy

'Ghost' galaxy has virtually no dark matter

3-31-2018 | 8

The discovery raises new questions about the formation of galaxies and the nature of dark matter.

Space & Astronomy

'First ever image of dark matter' revealed

4-13-2017 | 2

Scientists in Ontario have compiled an image of dark matter filaments connecting two galaxies together.

Space & Astronomy

Older galaxies had a lot less dark matter

3-18-2017 | 10

Scientists have discovered that dark matter played a much smaller role in galaxies in the early universe.

Space & Astronomy

'Ghost' galaxy is almost entirely dark matter

8-28-2016 | 3

An enigmatic galaxy known as Dragonfly 44 is believed to be comprised of 99.99 percent dark matter.

Science & Technology

Major project fails to detect dark matter

7-21-2016 | 52

Scientists have shut down their state-of-the-art dark matter detector after it failed to find anything.

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