Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Natural World

'Zombie' snake lies on its back and plays dead

 VIDEO  6-12-2019 | 15

Officials in North Carolina recently posted a notice on Facebook about one snake's rather unusual behavior.

Ancient Mysteries

More mystery 'jars of the dead' found in Laos

5-18-2019 | 11

Archaeologists have unearthed an additional 137 large stone jars at megalithic sites in Southeast Asia.

Science & Technology

CDC declares mystery disease an 'urgent threat'

4-9-2019 | 31

The deadly fungus 'candida auris' is becoming an increasing concern due to how difficult it is to identify.


Humpback whale washes up in the Amazon

2-25-2019 | 19

A dead humpback whale believed to be a 12-month-old calf has unexpectedly washed up on Marajo Island.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Opportunity rover is officially dead

2-14-2019 | 19

The rover's mission, which saw it trundle across the Martian surface for over 15 years, is now complete.


Conspiracy theorist 'killed by drug overdose'

1-7-2019 | 21

Father-of-two Max Spiers was found dead back in 2016 after going to Poland to give a talk at a conference.


Man shot dead while pretending to be a ghost

12-29-2018 | 34

A popular YouTube content creator from Pakistan was killed after a ghost scare prank went horribly wrong.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Kepler telescope is officially dead

10-31-2018 | 16

The ground-breaking space telescope that discovered more than 2,600 exoplanets has finally run out of fuel.

Space & Astronomy

Russia warns of deadly mutant space bacteria

7-7-2018 | 13

Bacteria that mutate during a trip in to space could become a threat to life on Earth, scientists claim.


'Dead' woman is found alive in morgue fridge

7-3-2018 | 14

Staff at a mortuary in South Africa were stunned to discover that one of the bodies was very much alive.


'Dead' man interrupts his own wake in Paraguay

6-19-2018 | 4

The 20-year-old returned home after three days away to find that his family was mourning his death.

Modern Mysteries

Man finds mystery sea creature on his driveway

6-3-2018 | 6

81-year-old David Harding was 'mortified' to discover what looked like a dead shark in a large test tube.

Modern Mysteries

Dead man found wedged inside a toilet wall

5-2-2018 | 16

Authorities in Calgary have been investigating the mysterious death of a man found in a public lavatory.

Science & Technology

Hiroshima bomb was deadlier than believed

5-1-2018 | 17

The 'Little Boy' nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 ended the lives of tens of thousands of civilians.


Man revived after being dead for 18 hours

4-7-2018 | 11

The 53-year-old was resuscitated despite lying lifeless outside with no heartbeat for the better part of a day.


Court rejects man's claim that he is not dead

3-16-2018 | 20

A Romanian court has formally rejected Constantin Reliu's claim that he is actually very much alive.

Science & Technology

Beware of mystery 'Disease X', scientists warn

3-11-2018 | 14

The World Health Organization has highlighted the potential danger of a deadly, as-yet-unknown pathogen.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals Phoenix lander's dusty grave

 VIDEO  2-22-2018 | 1

A new image of the long-dead Phoenix lander on Mars has shown that it has become coated in a layer of dust.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery of deadly Roman 'Gate to Hell' solved

2-19-2018 | 3

Scientists have determined what made the notorious Roman cave so deadly to those who ventured inside.

Ancient Mysteries

One more Dead Sea Scroll has been deciphered

1-23-2018 | 6

One of the last two untranslated Dead Sea Scrolls has finally been pieced together by archaeologists.

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