Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Science & Technology

Jamais vu: the science behind the eerie opposite of deja vu

9-16-2023 | 12

Psychologists Akira O'Connor and Christopher Moulin explain their research into the mysterious feeling of jamais vu.

Science & Technology

Psychologists are now closer than ever to understanding deja vu

10-9-2022 | 6

Deja vu can be unsettling at the best of times and no, it's not caused by a glitch in the matrix...

Science & Technology

Is there a scientific explanation for deja vu ?

4-1-2020 | 24

Most of us will have experienced deja vu at some point in our lives, but what exactly causes this sensation ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

Man trapped in 'time loop' for eight years

1-21-2015 | 62

A 23-year-old student has fallen victim to one of the strangest cases of déjà vu ever recorded.

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