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Nature & Environment

'Wolf dogs' could wipe out Europe's wolves

5-29-2019 | 11

Scientists in the UK have warned of the threat posed by packs of wolf-dog hybrids in the wilds across Europe.

Science & Technology

10 robotic dogs pull truck along in new video

 VIDEO  4-17-2019 | 38

A small army of Boston Dynamics' dog-like robots have been filmed hauling a truck through a parking lot.

World of the Bizarre

Stranded dog is rescued 135 miles out to sea

 VIDEO  4-16-2019 | 6

The exhausted canine was pulled from the sea by oil rig workers who had spotted him off the coast of Thailand.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Beast of Dartmoor' attacks dog in Cornwall

4-6-2019 | 35

Police in England have discovered the paw prints of a large exotic cat believed to be on the loose in the area.

Modern Mysteries

'Dog suicide bridge' mystery solved at last ?

3-28-2019 | 42

A pastor believes that he may have determined why dozens of dogs have been leaping to their deaths.

Science & Technology

New report exposes 'cat cannibalism' research

3-22-2019 | 6

A disturbing new report highlights some of the unsavoury animal experiments carried out by government scientists.

World of the Bizarre

Man trapped in snow survives on hot sauce

3-6-2019 | 8

Jeremy Taylor and his dog resorted to eating sachets of Fire Sauce after getting stranded in snow for five days.


CIA experimented with mind-controlled dogs

12-12-2018 | 8

Newly declassified documents have revealed the CIA's efforts to control dogs through electrical brain stimulation.

Nature & Environment

Bizarre spider looks like it has a dog's head

 VIDEO  11-7-2018 | 15

Found in the Amazon rainforest, this incredible arachnid looks like a strange cross between a dog and a spider.

Nature & Environment

Could canine intelligence be overrated ?

10-1-2018 | 34

Scientists have determined that dogs are no more intelligent than several dozen other animal species.

Science & Technology

Sony to bring its Aibo robotic dog to the US

 VIDEO  8-26-2018 | 7

Consumers outside of Japan will finally get a chance to purchase the super-cute robotic canine companion.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Giant 'dire wolf' filmed chasing dog in woods

 VIDEO  7-22-2018 | 64

Remarkable footage has resurfaced showing a dog being pursued by a gigantic black wolf-like creature.

Nature & Environment

Dogs have lost the ability to make up

7-4-2018 | 5

A new study has revealed that, unlike wolves, dogs seem to have lost the ability to reconcile after a fight.

Modern Mysteries

Dog stares at a wall for three days straight

 VIDEO  6-2-2018 | 23

Video footage of a dog in Argentina that wouldn't stop staring at a wall has gone viral this week.

World of the Bizarre

Chinese family's dog turns out to be a bear

5-16-2018 | 14

One family got the surprise of their lives when they discovered that their adopted 'puppy' was actually a bear.

Science & Technology

Harvard startup wants to reverse aging in dogs

5-13-2018 | 4

A new company is planning to rejuvenate dogs with the eventual goal of attempting the same thing in humans.

Space & Astronomy

Amazon boss takes his robot dog for a walk

 VIDEO  3-20-2018 | 2

Tech entrepreneur Jeff Bezos attended Amazon's annual MARS conference with a very unusual companion.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics robot can now open doors

 VIDEO  2-13-2018 | 16

The firm's dog-like SpotMini robot is now able to use its robotic arm to turn handles and hold doors open.

World of the Bizarre

Woman unwittingly adopts her childhood dog

2-9-2018 | 4

A woman from Pennsylvania got the surprise of her life when she found she'd adopted her former pet poodle.

World of the Bizarre

Man dies after dog accidentally shoots him

1-22-2018 | 13

An experienced hunter from Russia has died in a freak accident involving one of his own hunting dogs.

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