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Are 'Chupacabras' being purposely bred ?

2-24-2014 | 24

Chupacabra sightings could be the result of people deliberately breeding dogs to look like them.


Chihuahua gangs terrorize Phoenix suburbs

2-23-2014 | 64

Roaming packs of small dogs are proving to be an unexpected menace in some parts of Arizona.

Natural World

Brain scans reveal dogs' vocal responses

2-22-2014 | 10

A new study has shown that a dog's brain reacts to voices in much the same way as the brain of a human.


Did the Nazis have a school for talking dogs?

1-9-2014 | 22

Reports suggest that the Nazis attempted to train an army of talking dogs, but just how true is this ?

Natural World

Is yawning contagious to dogs ?

8-9-2013 | 9

New research suggests that dogs can sense fatigue and are able to join humans in bouts of yawning.


Chinese police use geese as guard dogs

8-1-2013 | 30

Some authorities in China have come up with an unexpected alternative to the traditional guard dog.

Natural World

Are dogs able to see in color ?

7-23-2013 | 28

New research is dispelling the myth that dogs are only able to see the world in black and white.


Ferrets on steroids being sold as poodles

4-12-2013 | 30

A bazaar in Argentina has been caught selling 'dogs' that turned out to be not quite as expected.


Ancient dog skull unearthed

3-10-2013 | 7

A 33,000-year-old wolf skull discovered in Russia has turned out to be one of the world's first dogs.

Natural World

Did we domesticate dogs or vice versa?

3-7-2013 | 34

Did early humans domesticate dogs or did the dogs adapt themselves to benefit from being around us ?

Natural World

What do dogs say when they bark ?

2-13-2013 | 48

Research in to the nature of dog barks has revealed that thee may be more to these sounds than we think.


Dogs taught how to drive

 VIDEO  12-6-2012 | 46

Three rescue dogs in New Zealand have received training to teach them basic driving skills.

Natural World

Do animals exhibit genuine morality ?

11-16-2012 | 43

New research suggests that social animals such as dogs and cats can choose whether to be good or bad.


Hunter is shot by his own dog

9-19-2012 | 50

55-year-old Rene got more than he bargained for while out on a hunting trip with his three dogs.


Neanderthals out-competed by dogs

5-18-2012 | 18

Early man used dogs to help them compete with the Neanderthals as far back as 32,000 years ago.

Natural World

Giant dog-eating crocodile captured

5-7-2012 | 16

A huge crocodile that ate nine pet dogs within the last month has finally been caught in Australia.

Science & Technology

What is your dog thinking ?

5-5-2012 | 24

Brain scans are being used on dogs for the first time to explore how they think and react to humans.


US TV bosses launch channel for dogs

4-19-2012 | 17

DogTV is intended to keep your dog entertained and relaxed while you are out of the house.

Natural World

Dogs have social skills of small children

1-6-2012 | 51

New research has shown that dogs exhibit very similar social skills to two-year-old human children.

Science & Technology

Military dogs show signs of combat stress

12-2-2011 | 4

Studies show that humans aren't the only sufferers of PTSD - canines are showing signs of it as well.

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