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Nature & Environment

Dolphins learn to 'walk on water'

10-24-2010 | 9

Wild dolphins are learning to tail-walk and are teaching other dolphins how to do it too.

Nature & Environment

Dolphin species attempt 'common language'

10-1-2010 | 10

When two dolphin species interact they try to find a common language with which to communicate.

Nature & Environment

Attack of the killer dolphins

2-15-2010 | 25

Dolphins are often considered to be gentle, intelligent creatures but a series of porpoise killings has revealed their darker side.

Nature & Environment

Dolphins to be classed "non-human persons" ?

1-3-2010 | 51

Dolphins have been declared to be the world's second most intelligent species, should they also be considered "people" ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

Blind boy uses his ears to 'see'

10-7-2009 | 2

Seven-year-old Lucas Murray is completely blind but is nonetheless able to see through a type of echolocation, a techniq...

Nature & Environment

Dolphins 'talk' to each other with tail slaps

8-5-2009 | 11

Scientists have found that dolphins are able to communicate with one another through the slapping of their tails in what...

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