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World of the Bizarre

Primary school 'alien egg' prank backfires

7-11-2014 | 32

An unconventional problem solving exercise went awry when several of the children ended up terrified.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Google adds Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg

6-15-2014 | 3

The search giant has taken advantage of the legendary lake monster in its latest map update.


First complete pterosaur eggs found in China

6-8-2014 | 11

Palaentologists have uncovered the best preserved cluster of three dimensionsal fossils ever discovered.

World of the Bizarre

8-legged 'octogoat' born on farm in Croatia

 VIDEO  5-12-2014 | 40

Not only does it have 8 legs but it also appears to possess both male and female reproductive organs.

Archaeology & History

Demon wards unearthed under ancient floors

1-13-2014 | 5

Archaeologists have discovered evidence that the residents of an ancient city used eggs to ward off evil.

Archaeology & History

500-year-old globe carved on to ostrich egg

8-23-2013 | 12

The novel discovery dates back to the 1500s and could be the oldest globe of the New World ever found.


Dinosaur egg discovery is 'missing link'

6-1-2013 | 0

A recently discovered batch of fossil eggs is being hailed as a missing link in dinosaur egg evolution.

Nature & Environment

Egg from extinct bird sells for $101,813

4-25-2013 | 15

The partly fossilized elephant bird egg was snapped up at a London auction for double its estimate.


Hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils unearthed

3-18-2013 | 7

Researchers have discovered large numbers of fossil dinosaur eggs in northeastern Spain.

Metaphysics & Psychology

How do you like to eat your eggs ?

9-30-2012 | 69

A new study claims to be able to determine your personality based on the way that you eat your eggs.

World of the Bizarre

Woman finds perfectly round chicken egg

9-9-2012 | 16

32-year-old Cassie Greenhill was astonished to discover a spherical egg in a standard box of one dozen.

Nature & Environment

Hen lays healthy 'eggless' chick

4-20-2012 | 28

Which came first, the chicken or the egg ? One hen has turned the age-old question on its head.


Did egg-laying cause dinosaur extinction ?

4-19-2012 | 16

Scientists have suggested that egg-laying may have been a factor in the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Science & Technology

Lab-grown human egg cells could be fertilised

4-8-2012 | 20

Scientists are looking to fertilise human egg cells that they have succeeded in growing in a lab.

Nature & Environment

Calf with six legs defies the odds

4-1-2012 | 6

A six-legged calf that defied the odds by surviving past seven weeks has become a minor Swiss celebrity.

World of the Bizarre

Five legged frog saved from the pot

3-17-2012 | 10

A frog in China was saved from the cooking pot when the chef noticed its unusual extra appendage.

World of the Bizarre

Scientists investigate egg-laying rooster

2-12-2012 | 14

A rooster on a small farm in China has made headlines after it mysteriously started to lay eggs.

Science & Technology

Doctor claims he can turn brown eyes blue

11-4-2011 | 42

Dr Gregg Homer claims that his laser based Lumineyes technology can turn brown eyes blue permanently.

World of the Bizarre

World's smallest chicken egg ?

8-23-2011 | 10

Reverand Donnie Russell believes he may have found the world's smallest chicken egg.

Modern Mysteries

Which came first, the chicken or the egg ?

8-20-2011 | 43

British scientists believe they have cracked the answer to one of the most enduring riddles of all time.

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