Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Thousands of Kinder eggs wash up on beach

1-7-2017 | 12

A storm off the coast of Germany has strewn large numbers of Kinder eggs all along the shoreline.

Science & Technology

Scientists create mice from artificial eggs

10-17-2016 | 9

Japanese scientists have succeeded in creating female mouse eggs using cells from the animals' tails.


Proteins found in prehistoric ostrich eggs

9-28-2016 | 5

Scientists have discovered the world's oldest genetic information within 3.8 million-year-old eggshells.

Natural World

'Virgin birth' bamboo shark lays two eggs

2-9-2016 | 5

A female shark at a UK sea life center has laid two eggs despite having had no contact with a male.

Modern Mysteries

Teenagers find 'alien eggs' in frozen lake

 VIDEO  12-20-2015 | 14

Two friends in Utah have recorded footage of a mysterious ice circle filled with egg-like objects.


Dinosaurs laid brightly colored eggs

5-29-2015 | 7

Scientists have found new evidence to suggest that some dinosaur eggs were a bright blue-green color.


43 dinosaur eggs unearthed in China

4-22-2015 | 14

Several dozen fossilized eggs were discovered by builders carrying out repairs at the side of a road.


Man marks Christmas by eating 160 eggs

12-25-2014 | 11

Competitive eater Pan Yizhong crammed the eggs in to his mouth as part of a promotional stunt.

Natural World

Eggs from deadly spider found in bananas

9-10-2014 | 26

A woman from Essex returned from the supermarket to find a clutch of strange eggs on a bunch of bananas.


First complete pterosaur eggs found in China

6-8-2014 | 11

Palaentologists have uncovered the best preserved cluster of three dimensionsal fossils ever discovered.

Ancient Mysteries

Demon wards unearthed under ancient floors

1-13-2014 | 5

Archaeologists have discovered evidence that the residents of an ancient city used eggs to ward off evil.


Dinosaur egg discovery is 'missing link'

6-1-2013 | 0

A recently discovered batch of fossil eggs is being hailed as a missing link in dinosaur egg evolution.


Hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils unearthed

3-18-2013 | 7

Researchers have discovered large numbers of fossil dinosaur eggs in northeastern Spain.

Metaphysics & Psychology

How do you like to eat your eggs ?

9-30-2012 | 69

A new study claims to be able to determine your personality based on the way that you eat your eggs.


Scientists investigate egg-laying rooster

2-12-2012 | 14

A rooster on a small farm in China has made headlines after it mysteriously started to lay eggs.


Pterosaur fossil found with preserved egg

1-21-2011 | 23

An ancient female pterosaur fossil has been found in China alongside one of its own eggs.

Natural World

Lizards demonstrate evolution in action

9-9-2010 | 2

A variety of skink has gone from laying eggs to live births giving scientists a unique glimpse of change in action.

Science & Technology

DNA swap could eliminate inherited diseases

4-16-2010 | 11

A pioneering new fertility technique involving DNA being swapped between eggs could elimintate several conditions.


DNA extracted from extinct bird eggshells

3-13-2010 |

For the first time scientists have succeeded in extracting DNA from the eggshells of extinct birds.


Hovis bakes 3,300lb bread and butter pudding

10-4-2009 | 2

Hovis have entered the record books by baking a bread and butter pudding so large that it weighs more than two baby elep...

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