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Metaphysics & Psychology

You can really feel a person's stare

4-11-2010 | 173

A noted psychiatrist has published data suggesting that the eyes emit energy that can be captured and measured.

Science & Technology

LHC to start high energy 'God Particle' hunt

3-30-2010 | 32

The Large Hadron Collider is being geared up to begin its high-energy hunt for the 'God Particle'.

Science & Technology

Large Hadron Collider smashes energy record

3-20-2010 | 15

The Large Hadron Collider has broken its own energy record with two 3.5 trillion volt proton beams.

Science & Technology

Light-emitting wallpaper could replace bulbs

12-31-2009 | 21

A company in Wales has developed light emitting wallpaper in a bid to replace traditional light bulbs with a better ener...

Science & Technology

New reactor uses sunlight to make fuel

11-29-2009 | 6

Scientists at Sandia National Labs have come up with a new reactor that sets of a thermo-chemical reaction in order to c...

Modern Mysteries

Mysteries of Glastonbury Tor

9-7-2009 | 4

Glastonbury Tor is a place of legend, intrigue and mystery; a conical hill in the Somerset landscape it has been the sub...

Science & Technology

Climate change computer is notorious polluter

8-30-2009 | 13

In an ironic twist the 30 million supercomputer used by the Met Office to predict climate change is one of Britain's wo...

Space & Astronomy

How deadly are cosmic rays ?

8-30-2009 | 5

Cosmic rays constantly bombard the Earth with high-energy particles and for the most part we do not notice them but some...

Space & Astronomy

Dark energy may not actually exist

8-19-2009 | 17

The theoretical dark energy thought to account for over 70% of the universe might not actually exist. A team of mathemat...

Science & Technology

Rival designs race to harness ocean energy

7-12-2009 | 3

Its one of the most untapped sources of energy on the planet but ocean power is about to get a boost as rivals battle it...

Science & Technology

New facility turns human waste in to fuel

6-14-2009 | 14

A new startup company outside of Los Angeles has developed a biosolids to energy conversion facility capable of turning ...

Space & Astronomy

NASA running out of nuclear fuel

5-14-2009 | 2

NASA is running low on the nuclear fuel required for deep space missions and no longer has enough plutonium for future f...

Science & Technology

'Anaconda' harnesses wave power

5-7-2009 | 2

By harnessing the power of waves the designers of a new energy device known as "Anaconda" which consists of little more ...

Space & Astronomy

'Giant hand' pictured in space

4-16-2009 | 71

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has photographed a spinning star 17,000 light years from Earth that resembles a large h...

Space & Astronomy

Black holes caught in tug-of-war

4-7-2009 |

A mysterious phenomenon in which a suppermassive black hole can regulate its energy during a tug-of-war with a hot radia...

Science & Technology

Scientists aim to replicate the Sun

3-18-2009 | 27

Scientists aim to replicate the power of the Sun in a new nuclear fusion experiment involving laser beams being fired at...

Science & Technology

Hamsters in jackets produce energy

2-24-2009 | 8

The biomechanical energy produced by hamsters as they exercise has been harnessed through the use of a detector jacket. ...

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