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Space & Astronomy

Dark material on Europa could be sea salt

5-13-2015 | 6

The dark substance that litters the surface of Europa is now believed to be sodium chloride.

Space & Astronomy

NASA plans to send robotic eel to Europa

5-11-2015 | 19

An unconventional type of rover could be used to explore the oceans beneath Jupiter's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

NASA gets green light for mission to Europa

2-4-2015 | 19

The space agency has secured enough funding to develop a mission to explore Jupiter's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

Icy plate tectonics discovered on Europa

9-8-2014 | 8

Jupiter's freezing moon Europa is home to its own ice-based version of Earth's plate tectonics.

Space & Astronomy

NASA seeking ideas for mission to Europa

7-17-2014 | 24

The space agency is accepting proposals for science instruments for future use on Jupiter's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

Does Pluto have a subterranean ocean ?

4-16-2014 | 16

A new theory suggests that Pluto, like Europa and Enceladus, may be home to a liquid water ocean.

Space & Astronomy

NASA planning future mission to Europa

3-6-2014 | 9

The space agency is believed to be planning an ambitious mission to explore Jupiter's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

Europa could be home to 200km high geysers

12-13-2013 | 16

Geysers on Jupiter's icy moon Europa may reach heights 20 times greater than that of Mount Everest.

Space & Astronomy

Team aims to launch mission to Europa

9-22-2013 | 7

A new crowd-researched space project is looking to launch an ambitious manned mission to Europa.

Space & Astronomy

What do we want to know about Europa ?

8-10-2013 | 30

Scientists are weighing up what questions a future mission to Jupiter's icy moon would need to answer.

Space & Astronomy

Tiny sub to search for life on Europa ?

6-12-2013 | 21

A miniature submarine could one day be used to explore the depths of Europa's mysterious ocean.

Space & Astronomy

Chemistry needed for life is found on Europa

4-10-2013 | 7

New research has unveiled the presence of chemicals that could indicate the moon's suitability for life.

Space & Astronomy

Huge spikes of ice threaten Europa landing

3-23-2013 | 19

A future Europa mission may need to contend with deadly jagged ice spikes littering the surface.

Space & Astronomy

Europa's oceans appear to contain salt water

3-8-2013 | 18

The Keck II telescope and OSIRIS spectrometer have revealed new details of what lies in Europa's oceans.

Space & Astronomy

$2bn Europa clipper mission proposed

2-18-2013 | 26

Scientists are hoping to send a probe to find signs of life on Jupiter's ice-covered waterworld moon.

Space & Astronomy

Europa Clipper mission considered

12-15-2012 | 5

A proposed $2 billion spacecraft would perform several flyovers of Jupiter's enigmatic ice-covered moon.

Space & Astronomy

Oceans on Europa likely deep underground

9-30-2012 | 5

The vast oceans of liquid water believed to exist beneath the ice on Europa may be deeper than thought.

Space & Astronomy

Icy lakes found on Europa

11-17-2011 | 30

Scientists have discovered large frozen lakes near the surface of Jupiter's frozen moon Europa.

Space & Astronomy

Pluto may be home to a liquid ocean

12-24-2010 | 12

Move over Europa - new computer models suggest Pluto may also hide a hidden ocean under its surface.

Space & Astronomy

Europa's ocean is rich in oxygen

5-31-2010 | 36

A new study has revealed that Jupiter's moon Europa is rich enough in oxygen to support millions of tons of fish.

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