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Space & Astronomy

Dual drill could be used on Europa

4-20-2010 | 10

A thermal drill is being developed to melt and drill down through the icy shell of Jupiter's moon Europa.


Europa's hidden secret: is there life out there ?

4-5-2010 | 14

Jupiter's moon Europa may seem like a barren ball of ice but underneath that shell could be oceans teeming with life.

Space & Astronomy

Space agencies plan Europa and Jupiter mission

3-9-2010 | 7

NASA and the European Space Agency have drawn up plans for a mission to Jupiter and Europa in 2020.


Searching for life on Europa

2-6-2010 | 5

Last year NASA and the European Space Agency announced plans for a joint effort to seek out life on Jupiter's moon Europa.


Is there fish-size life on Europa ?

11-20-2009 | 20

For years astrobiologists have speculated over the possibility that life could exist right now under the frozen crust of...


Finding life - Mars vs Europa

10-18-2009 | 4

When it comes to searching our solar system for signs of extraterrestrial life the planet Mars and Jupiter's icy moon Eu...


Is Europa our best chance for finding life ?

8-31-2009 | 7

NASA are investing over four billion dollars over the next decade to developing and launching a mission to Jupiter's icy...

Space & Astronomy

Landing sites on Europa identified

8-26-2009 | 4

Scientists have been examining the images returned by the Galileo spacecraft in an attempt to identify potential sites t...

Space & Astronomy

Will we find life on Europa ?

6-23-2009 | 11

Jupiter's moon Europa remains one of the most promising possibilities for finding life in the solar system. The icy worl...

Space & Astronomy

Could flowers bloom on icy moon Europa ?

5-7-2009 | 5

Conditions could be right for plant life to grow and even flower on Jupiter's icy moon Europa a prominent physicist has ...

Space & Astronomy

NASA selects Jupiter for next major mission

2-20-2009 | 10

The destination of NASA's next major mission to the planets has been announced, Jupiter and two of its moons Ganymede an...

Space & Astronomy

Where next NASA - Europa or Titan ?

2-15-2009 | 7

Debate is currently ongoing as to where NASA should next send a probe in its hunt for evidence of life in the solar syst...

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