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Space & Astronomy

NASA's Kepler telescope is officially dead

10-31-2018 | 16

The ground-breaking space telescope that discovered more than 2,600 exoplanets has finally run out of fuel.

Space & Astronomy

Bizarre solar system is baffling astronomers

10-16-2018 | 6

Four gargantuan planets have been observed orbiting a relatively young star approximately 500 light years away.

Space & Astronomy

Planet-hunting probe finds two new candidates

9-23-2018 | 0

A mere two months after beginning operations, NASA's TESS spacecraft has found two new extrasolar worlds.

Space & Astronomy

Universe may be teeming with water-worlds

8-18-2018 | 7

Scientists have determined that a significant percentage of planets in our galaxy may be covered in water.

Space & Astronomy

New planet-hunting telescope begins search

 VIDEO  7-29-2018 | 6

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is now on the hunt for habitable extrasolar worlds.

Space & Astronomy

Planet-hunting probe captures first image

 VIDEO  5-20-2018 | 19

NASA's new spacecraft has returned a breathtaking two-second exposure which features over 200,000 stars.

Space & Astronomy

Helium detected on 'super-Neptune' exoplanet

5-3-2018 | 0

For the first time ever, scientists have detected helium in the atmosphere of a planet in orbit around a distant star.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to launch new planet-hunting telescope

4-13-2018 | 0

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is due to lift off aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on Monday.

Space & Astronomy

Hunt for Earth 2.0 yields 95 new exoplanets

 VIDEO  2-18-2018 | 0

A renewed hunt for Earth-like worlds has yielded a haul of 95 previously undiscovered extrasolar planets.


Trappist-1 planets are likely to be habitable

2-5-2018 | 9

It is looking increasingly likely that the Trappist-1 system's seven worlds could be home to alien life.


Scientists develop new alien-hunting method

1-25-2018 | 4

A lack of carbon monoxide on a methane-rich world could indicate the presence of extraterrestrial life.

Space & Astronomy

NASA finds entire solar system like our own

 VIDEO  12-14-2017 | 10

The space agency has made an important new exoplanet discovery using a Google artificial intelligence.

Space & Astronomy

NASA teases new extrasolar planet discovery

12-11-2017 | 10

The space agency will be making an announcement on Thursday about its latest groundbreaking discovery.

Space & Astronomy

Scorching hot exoplanet 'snows' sunscreen

10-27-2017 | 1

Astronomers have observed an extrasolar planet with some of the weirdest weather conditions ever seen.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious exoplanet is 'blacker than asphalt'

9-16-2017 | 4

A 'hot Jupiter' world situated 1,400 light years away reflects so little light that it appears pitch black.

Space & Astronomy

Titanium oxide detected on extrasolar planet

9-14-2017 | 2

For the first time, astronomers have picked up signs of titanium oxide on a distant extrasolar world.


How easy is it for ET to observe the Earth ?

9-9-2017 | 5

Astronomers have identified nine planets from which intelligent aliens could potentially be watching us.

Space & Astronomy

Hubble detects exoplanet with a stratosphere

 VIDEO  8-4-2017 | 5

Astronomers have found an extrasolar world with what has been described as a 'glowing water atmosphere'.

Space & Astronomy

PLATO mission to hunt for Earth-like worlds

6-22-2017 | 2

ESA is set to launch a new satellite that will seek out potentially habitable extrasolar planets.

Space & Astronomy

NASA discovers 10 near-Earth size exoplanets

6-19-2017 | 16

Scientists believe that these new worlds lie in the 'Goldilocks zone' of their respective solar systems.

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