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Space & Astronomy

Twin planets could boost chance of alien life

8-10-2014 | 8

Extrasolar planets with a companion world tugging at them could remain habitable for much longer.

Space & Astronomy

Exoplanet with longest year discovered

7-22-2014 | 8

Astronomers have identified an extrasolar planet that takes 708 days to complete one orbit of its star.

Space & Astronomy

Are oceans mandatory for life to develop ?

7-21-2014 | 21

A new study has concluded that an exoplanet requires a liquid water ocean in order to sustain life.


Hunt for exoplanet ETs poses new challenge

5-2-2014 | 27

Finding signs of extraterrestrial life on an extrasolar planet is going to be a lot harder than expected.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler discovers most Earth-like exoplanet

4-18-2014 | 24

Astronomers have located an Earth-sized world within the 'Goldilocks zone' of a distant solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Where are the closest alien planets ?

12-28-2013 | 12

Astronomers believe that there could be an exoplanet orbiting a nearby pair of brown dwarf stars.

Space & Astronomy

Hubble detects water on five exoplanets

12-5-2013 | 10

The Hubble Space Telescope has picked up signs of water in the atmospheres of several distant worlds.

Space & Astronomy

NASA discovers unusual pink exoplanet

8-12-2013 | 18

Astronomers have succeeded in photographing a pink gas giant approximately 57 light years away.

Space & Astronomy

Water detected in exoplanet's atmosphere

3-15-2013 | 17

Astronomers have conducted the most detailed examination yet of a Jupiter-sized planet's atmosphere.


SETI focuses efforts on known exoplanets

2-11-2013 | 94

An effort to listen out for intelligent aliens in the direction of stars with planets has drawn a blank.

Space & Astronomy

Giant habitable exoplanet discovered

11-8-2012 | 25

Astronomers have discovered a star system with six planets, one of which could potentially support life.

Space & Astronomy

Exoplanet covered in magma discovered

7-20-2012 | 12

Astronomers have found an alien world that could be the closest known planet smaller than the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Can astronomers detect exoplanet oceans ?

7-18-2012 | 8

As the hunt for habitable planets intensifies astronomers are turning their attention to alien oceans.

Space & Astronomy

50 new extrasolar planets discovered

9-13-2011 | 106

Astronomers have announced the discovery of 50 exoplanets, one of which could be habitable.

Space & Astronomy

'Superstorm' rages on exoplanet

6-24-2010 | 2

Scientists have identified a fierce storm raging on a distant planet with 7000km per hour winds.

Space & Astronomy

Exoplanet spotted in motion around its 'sun'

6-13-2010 | 0

Astronomers have followed for the first time ever an extra-solar planet in motion around a white star.

Space & Astronomy

Temperate planet found in distant solar system

3-18-2010 | 5

Astronomers have discovered a Jupiter sized exoplanet that resembles planets in our own solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Exoplanet atmosphere studied from Earth

2-4-2010 | 3

Astronomers have been able to use new ground-based techniques to study the atmosphere of a distant extrasolar planet.

Space & Astronomy

Alien worlds spotted outside our galaxy

11-5-2009 | 10

A University student has discovered evidence of extrasolar planets outside of our own galaxy, up until now scientists ha...

Space & Astronomy

Scientists discover 32 new exoplanets

10-21-2009 | 3

Scientists have announced the discovery of 32 new extrasolar planets that exist around distant stars beyond our own Sola...

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