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Space & Astronomy

First extrasolar moon potentially discovered

7-28-2017 | 5

Astronomers believe that they may have found, for the first time, a moon orbiting an extrasolar planet.

Space & Astronomy

PLATO mission to hunt for Earth-like worlds

6-22-2017 | 2

ESA is set to launch a new satellite that will seek out potentially habitable extrasolar planets.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists find hottest known extrasolar world

6-5-2017 | 9

At twice the size of Jupiter, KELT-9b experiences temperatures in excess of 4300 degrees Celsius.

Space & Astronomy

Distant 'ice ball' exoplanet discovered

 VIDEO  4-28-2017 | 6

Scientists have announced the discovery of a freezing Earth-mass world 13,000 light years away.


Super Earth is 'best chance for finding life'

4-19-2017 | 10

A large terrestrial planet located 40 light years away could be the perfect place to search for ET.

Space & Astronomy

Atmosphere found around Earth-like planet

4-7-2017 | 30

Astronomers have detected an atmosphere around GJ 1132b - a planet situated 39 light years away.

Space & Astronomy

NASA could use the Sun as a magnifying glass

3-18-2017 | 12

Scientists at JPL have come up with an ambitious new plan to get a better look at extrasolar planets.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists discover 60 new extrasolar planets

2-14-2017 | 1

The significant haul of new worlds includes a potentially habitable 'super-Earth' with a rocky surface.


Could alien life thrive on brown dwarf stars?

12-4-2016 | 10

Extrasolar planets may not be the only place where it is possible to find signs of extraterrestrial life.


Is there extraterrestrial life on Proxima b ?

10-8-2016 | 15

Scientists believe that a nearby extrasolar planet is 'likely' to be capable of supporting alien life.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers find distant planet with 3 suns

 VIDEO  7-8-2016 | 10

The newly discovered exoplanet experiences days lasting up to 140 Earth-years thanks to its trio of suns.

Space & Astronomy

Three new Earth-sized planets discovered

5-3-2016 | 11

Astronomers have identified three new terrestrial worlds around a relatively close 'ultracool' star.

Space & Astronomy

Earth-like world found 14 light years away

12-17-2015 | 22

A potentially habitable terrestrial planet has been discovered in the relatively nearby Wolf 1061 system.

Space & Astronomy

Distant planet has 5400-mile-per-hour winds

11-15-2015 | 9

Astronomers have been able to map the weather conditions of an extrasolar planet for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

Exoplanet discovery 'most important so far'

11-13-2015 | 8

A newly identified extrasolar planet is so close by that it should be possible to observe its atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers seek help to name exoplanets

8-18-2015 | 27

Members of the public have been asked to help determine what to call 32 distant extrasolar worlds.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers discover distant 'young Jupiter'.

8-16-2015 | 4

Astronomers have identified the smallest ever exoplanet to be directly photographed through a telescope.

Space & Astronomy

NASA announces discovery of a second Earth

 VIDEO  7-23-2015 | 67

Astronomers using the Kepler Telescope have found the most Earth-like extrasolar planet ever discovered.

Space & Astronomy

Mars-like extrasolar planet discovered

6-20-2015 | 3

Astronomers have identified a planet the size of Mars orbiting a star 200 light years from the Earth.


NASA steps up the search for alien life

4-24-2015 | 6

The space agency has formed a new coalition of scientists from a wide range of different fields.

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