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Milky Way may be home to 30 'active' alien civs

6-15-2020 | 25

A new study has sought to calculate how many intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations might exist in our galaxy.


Physicist proposes answer to Fermi Paradox

6-8-2020 | 307

If the universe is teeming with intelligent alien civilizations, then why have we yet to discover any?


Giant radio telescope sets date for ET hunt

6-2-2020 | 9

China has announced when its 500-meter FAST telescope will begin searching for intelligent alien life.


How would mankind handle an alien invasion ?

6-1-2020 | 86

There are distinct similarities between the coronavirus pandemic and a potential extraterrestrial threat.


What are the odds of intelligent life emerging ?

5-19-2020 | 179

A new study has calculated the most likely odds of life, as well as intelligence, emerging on other worlds.

Science & Technology

No, COVID-19 is not an extraterrestrial virus

3-21-2020 | 5

Scientists have moved to debunk the claim that the coronavirus fell to Earth on a comet or asteroid.


SETI to hunt for alien 'technosignatures'

2-16-2020 | 11

SETI is ramping up its search for intelligent alien life by sniffing out indicators of extraterrestrial technology.


Has life from Earth spread to distant worlds ?

1-29-2020 | 14

It is often suggested that alien life could have reached Earth on a comet, but what about the other way around ?


Aliens may be among us, says former astronaut

1-6-2020 | 78

Britain's first ever astronaut - Dr. Helen Sharman - is certain that we are not alone in the universe.


How will we know that we've found alien life ?

1-2-2020 | 27

Even if we were to discover evidence of extraterrestrial life, would we even be able to recognize it ?


'Alien' killed by a car in 1953... or was it ?

12-2-2019 | 12

Three roommates made headline news when they knocked down an 'alien' on a remote stretch of road.


ET reunites with Elliot in new ad 37 years on

 VIDEO  11-29-2019 | 9

A heartwarming new Christmas ad has reunited Steven Spielberg's friendly alien with the now grown-up Elliot.


SETI Institute celebrates 35 years of hunting ET

11-20-2019 | 9

The research organization is today celebrating 35 years of searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.


Alien life discovery will be 'slow and uncertain'

11-9-2019 | 7

Scientists have warned that an 'aliens landing on the White House lawn' type moment is unlikely to occur.


Physicist: alien probes may be too small to see

10-25-2019 | 17

One scientist has proposed a possible new explanation for why we have yet to encounter intelligent alien life.


Snowden searched CIA's files for proof of aliens

10-24-2019 | 73

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed what he found when he searched the CIA for evidence of alien life.


NASA scientist: 'We already found life on Mars'

10-12-2019 | 18

Gilbert Levin, who worked on the two Viking landers, maintains that evidence of alien life was found in 1976.


The Moon: a 'fishing net' for alien life ?

9-26-2019 | 31

Some of the things that make the Moon inhospitable could also be helping to preserve evidence of ET.


Are alien probes hidden on nearby asteroids ?

9-23-2019 | 22

A new paper has put forward the idea that an alien civilization may have been watching us for millennia.


'Extraterrestrial highway' sign is taken down

9-16-2019 | 37

A world-famous sign situated near the secretive Area 51 facility has been taken down by local authorities.

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