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Science & Technology

Staring into someone's eyes can induce OBEs

9-9-2019 | 27

It turns out that staring into someone's eyes for ten minutes can induce an altered state of consciousness.

World of the Bizarre

Teen who only ate crisps and chips goes blind

9-3-2019 | 26

Experts have warned about the dangers of fussy eating after one teen's diet caused him to lose his eyesight.

World of the Bizarre

Young boy in India is found to have 526 teeth

8-3-2019 | 9

Doctors couldn't believe their eyes when they found hundreds of teeth in the mouth of a seven-year-old boy.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Mystery creature' plagues Pakistani market

7-30-2019 | 35

At least two watchmen have reported seeing a large black creature with glowing eyes in Karachi, Pakistan.

Science & Technology

Scientists invent zoomable contact lenses

7-28-2019 | 9

Researchers have developed a contact lens that can zoom in and out in response to certain eye movements.

Science & Technology

Puppy dog eyes are an evolutionary trait

6-18-2019 | 11

Scientists have discovered that dogs have evolved eye muscles to help make them more appealing to humans.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery sea monster bites shark's head off

3-31-2019 | 41

An Australian fisherman couldn't believe his eyes when he reeled in the decapitated head of a huge mako shark.

Science & Technology

Eye injections could give humans night vision

2-28-2019 | 10

Scientists have successfully given mice the ability to see in near-infrared by injecting nanoparticles in to their eyes.

Modern Mysteries

Finnish 'ghost island' appears out of nowhere

2-28-2019 | 10

A border control team in Finland couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted a whole new island in Lake Inari.


Prehistoric spider fossils' eyes still glow

2-18-2019 | 6

Fossil spiders discovered in South Korea still have glowing eyes despite being over 110 million years old.

World of the Bizarre

Teen crashes car during 'Bird Box' challenge

1-12-2019 | 25

Several people have injured themselves recently while trying to perform common tasks with their eyes covered.

Modern Mysteries

Climber finds cat on top of 8,000ft mountain

10-31-2018 | 18

Wojciech Jabczynski couldn't believe his eyes when he found the ginger tabby on Poland's highest peak.

Science & Technology

Glasses wearers are smarter, new study claims

5-31-2018 | 29

Researchers have determined that intelligent people are 30 percent more likely to have eyesight problems.


Prehistoric monitor lizard had four eyes

4-3-2018 | 9

A new fossil analysis has revealed that one particular species of lizard had extra eyes on the top of its head.

Science & Technology

Woman has eclipse burned on to her retinas

12-9-2017 | 16

One viewer of August's total solar eclipse ended up with eye damage in the exact shape of the Sun.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's next Mars rover will have 23 'eyes'

 VIDEO  11-1-2017 | 5

The Mars 2020 rover will be equipped with a wide assortment of cameras for surveying the Red Planet.

Science & Technology

Your life really does flash before your eyes

2-4-2017 | 9

Some near-death experiencers have reported reliving a vivid series of memories about their own life.

Nature & Environment

Aging bonobos need reading glasses to groom

11-8-2016 | 4

Scientists studying bonobos reveal that it is not only humans who suffer from diminishing eyesight.


'Miracle' sees statue of Jesus open its eyes

 VIDEO  8-10-2016 | 37

A video recorded in the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico shows a statue's eyes opening all on their own.

World of the Bizarre

Eyes roll over new 'skull' on Mars photograph

 VIDEO  6-12-2016 | 28

The alleged skeletal artifact appeared following an 'enhancement' of an image from the Curiosity rover.

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