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Nature & Environment

Dracula ant snaps its jaws shut at 200mph

 VIDEO  12-12-2018 | 5

The animal with the world's fastest moving appendage has been revealed to be a tiny ant with a lethal jaw.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers detect 19 more fast radio bursts

10-13-2018 | 3

The previously undiscovered deep space flashes could help scientists solve this ongoing astronomical enigma.

Nature & Environment

Is this the world's fastest-moving organism ?

 VIDEO  8-30-2018 | 2

A single-celled protozoan may actually be a lot faster than cheetahs, marlins or peregrine falcons.

Space & Astronomy

Parker Solar Probe has successfully launched

 VIDEO  8-12-2018 | 4

The probe, which is on a daring mission to the Sun, will become the fastest man-made object in history.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery surrounds universe's rate of expansion

8-5-2018 | 32

Scientists have discovered discrepancies in our understanding of how fast the universe is expanding.

Science & Technology

Antarctica ice melt rate triples in five years

6-17-2018 | 14

New research has revealed that Antarctica is melting three times faster than previously thought.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost' flies at camera in medieval graveyard

 VIDEO  5-1-2018 | 49

A paranormal investigator has captured intriguing footage of a fast-moving mist flying towards him.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Navy pilots encounter UFO in new footage

 VIDEO  3-15-2018 | 164

A recently declassified video shows a US Navy jet tracking a fast-moving object along the East Coast.

Space & Astronomy

Universe is expanding faster than predicted

2-24-2018 | 4

New data from the Hubble Space Telescope has shown that the universe is expanding faster than expected.

Space & Astronomy

New clue found in fast radio bursts mystery

1-14-2018 | 0

Scientists suspect that the unexplained bursts could be coming from a very strong magnetic environment.


Could a human actually outrun a T. rex ?

7-17-2017 | 16

Contrary to the plot of Jurassic Park, a rampaging Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't actually move very fast.

Science & Technology

DARPA investigating fast learning methods

5-8-2017 | 6

Researchers at DARPA want to make it possible for a soldier to be trained in a fraction of the time.

World of the Bizarre

Woman finds a diamond inside her boiled egg

3-22-2017 | 4

Sally Thompson had been tucking in to her breakfast of boiled eggs when she bit in to something hard.

Nature & Environment

The cheetah is now at risk of going extinct

12-27-2016 | 47

Conservationists have warned that the world's fastest land animal is on the verge of being wiped out.

Space & Astronomy

Six more deep space radio bursts picked up

12-24-2016 | 4

Scientists have detected a further six mystery radio bursts originating from outside of our galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

Black hole is observed 'swallowing' a star

12-13-2016 | 18

Astronomers at Queen's University, Belfast have helped to discover an extremely rare celestial event.

Science & Technology

Ice cream for breakfast 'makes you smarter'

11-25-2016 | 27

A Japanese scientist has revealed that eating the frozen dessert for breakfast boosts mental performance.

World of the Bizarre

Burger King dresses as ghost of McDonald's

 VIDEO  10-29-2016 | 5

The fast food chain decided to have a dig at its rival as part of its celebration of Halloween this year.

Science & Technology

Do some people age faster than others ?

10-1-2016 | 40

A new study seems to have confirmed that some of us may simply be destined to die younger than our peers.

Space & Astronomy

China completes world's largest telescope

 VIDEO  7-4-2016 | 27

The massive 500-meter dish will be used to help scientists hunt for signs of extraterrestrial life.

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