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Space & Astronomy

The universe is expanding faster than thought

6-3-2016 | 73

New research has revealed that the universe is expanding up to 9% faster than previously believed.

Science & Technology

Google builds a working quantum computer

 VIDEO  12-10-2015 | 18

The new platform is able to solve problems 100 million times faster than a conventional desktop PC.

Modern Mysteries

Glass 'moves on its own' while live on air

 VIDEO  12-8-2015 | 18

A glass was seen sliding across a table by itself during a live morning breakfast show in Honduras.

Nature & Environment

Crocodiles really do sleep with one eye open

10-23-2015 | 7

Crocodiles are thought to be capable of keeping a watchful eye out even when they seem to be fast asleep.

Science & Technology

1,000mph car will be faster than a bullet

 VIDEO  10-9-2015 | 9

The UK's Bloodhound SSC rocket car will be attempting to break the world land speed record in style.

Space & Astronomy

Can we travel faster than the speed of light?

8-17-2015 | 21

Professor Geraint Lewis believes that traveling at warp speed may actually be a viable possibility.

Science & Technology

World population to reach 9.7 billion by 2050

8-4-2015 | 117

The UN's latest estimates indicate that the Earth's population will grow even faster than expected.

Science & Technology

Some people age 3 times faster than others

7-7-2015 | 19

Scientists have discovered that a person's biological age and chronological age can be vastly different.

Space & Astronomy

New engine could take us to Mars in 39 days

4-2-2015 | 23

NASA has revealed a partnership with the firm behind a new super-fast deep space engine.


Mystery surrounds deep space radio bursts

4-1-2015 | 70

First picked up in 2001, these so-called 'fast radio bursts' are continuing to perplex scientists.

Space & Astronomy

Unbound star traveling at 1,200km per second

3-11-2015 | 16

Astronomers have identified an unbound star that's moving faster than any ever seen before.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk to build global 'space Internet'

1-19-2015 | 9

The SpaceX CEO is planning to set up a new, faster global Internet and use the profits to colonize Mars.

Science & Technology

Word's fastest car set to reach 1,000mph

 VIDEO  12-5-2014 | 22

The team behind the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car will attempt to break the land speed record in 2015.

World of the Bizarre

Firm sends burger and chips in to space

 VIDEO  10-11-2014 | 16

A fast food firm has become the first to send a sample of their cuisine in to orbit using a balloon.

Science & Technology

DARPA funds '4 minute mile' jetpack

9-15-2014 | 17

Scientists have come up with a jetpack that can help soldiers to run faster on the battlefield.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists tackle 'Earth-killer' asteroid

8-16-2014 | 14

A huge fast-moving space rock has the potential to bring about the apocalypse in the year 2880.

World of the Bizarre

Meet the world's fastest talking woman

 VIDEO  7-9-2014 | 30

Guinness World Record holder Fran Capo is able to recite up to 11 words every second.

The UFO Phenomenon

Fast moving UFO sighted over Wales

6-9-2014 | 43

A paranormal investigator has launched an appeal after spotting a strange object over Haverfordwest.

Science & Technology

New robot can run faster than Usain Bolt

 VIDEO  6-4-2014 | 10

An amazing new bipedal robot from South Korea is able to run at a top speed of 28.58mph.

Space & Astronomy

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is rapidly shrinking

5-17-2014 | 17

Astronomers believe that the famous storm in Jupiter's atmosphere is reducing in size faster than ever.

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