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Astronomer proposes ET 'halo drive' concept

3-17-2019 | 11

A new theory suggests that aliens could fire lasers at black holes to help propel their ships through space.

World of the Bizarre

Man tries to set fire to house due to 'ghost'

 VIDEO  3-10-2019 | 7

A man in California has been arrested for arson after attempting to set fire to his neighbor's house.

World of the Bizarre

Man trapped in snow survives on hot sauce

3-6-2019 | 8

Jeremy Taylor and his dog resorted to eating sachets of Fire Sauce after getting stranded in snow for five days.

Nature & Environment

Rare Yosemite 'firefall' stuns park visitors

 VIDEO  2-23-2019 | 7

This spectacular natural phenomenon turns a waterfall of melting snow in to a fiery cascade of bright orange.

World of the Bizarre

Factory spills liquid chocolate all over the road

 VIDEO  12-12-2018 | 13

Firefighters in the town of Werl in Germany were tasked with cleaning up a huge chocolate spill earlier this week.

Space & Astronomy

Green fireball lights up the sky over Russia

 VIDEO  11-30-2018 | 9

The spectacular phenomenon was captured on film over the Russian city of Novosibirsk in Western Siberia.

World of the Bizarre

Parrot mimicking fire alarm fools firefighters

 VIDEO  11-18-2018 | 6

A parrot with the uncanny ability to replicate the sound of a fire alarm prompted an emergency call-out recently.

Science & Technology

Lake has so much methane you can set it on fire

 VIDEO  9-29-2018 | 7

Esieh Lake in northern Alaska is releasing so much trapped methane that you can literally set the air ablaze.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Man charged with firing his gun at a 'ghost'

9-9-2018 | 104

Christain Devaux reportedly pulled out his gun and fired two rounds after encountering a ghostly intruder.

World of the Bizarre

Woman exorcises sofa, burns down house

8-29-2018 | 30

A woman in Louisiana ended up setting her own house on fire after attempting to exorcise a 'possessed' sofa.

Science & Technology

China develops working 'Star Wars' laser gun

7-5-2018 | 17

The futuristic new weapon is capable of setting fire to targets from a distance of over half a mile away.

Science & Technology

US Army develops 'Third Arm' exoskeleton

 VIDEO  6-3-2018 | 8

The unique device acts as a third limb, enabling soldiers to aim and fire heavier weapons during combat.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Fire erupts at Shetland's most haunted house

5-30-2018 | 1

Police are investigating a mysterious fire at what is thought to be one of Scotland's most haunted buildings.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's SLS rocket engine undergoes test fire

 VIDEO  2-26-2018 | 5

New footage has been released showing the Space Launch System engine reaching 113 percent thrust level.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds missing Toronto firefighter

2-15-2018 | 6

A man who went missing in New York was later found 3,000 miles away and nobody knows how he got there.

Nature & Environment

Hawks caught starting fires in Australia

1-13-2018 | 5

A new study has revealed that some species of hawk deliberately start fires in the Australian outback.

World of the Bizarre

Man cements his own head inside a microwave

12-8-2017 | 35

A YouTube prankster had to be rescued by the fire service after his latest stunt went spectacularly wrong.

World of the Bizarre

Chinese zoo under fire over inflatable animals

 VIDEO  12-5-2017 | 8

Visitors to China's Guishan Zoo found little more than some farm animals and a pen full of inflatable penguins.

Space & Astronomy

Voyager 1 fires up dormant backup thrusters

12-2-2017 | 24

NASA has activated the iconic interstellar probe's backup thrusters for the first time in 37 years.

World of the Bizarre

Bear enters hunter's cabin, steals two guns

11-25-2017 | 17

One brown bear turned the tables on a Russian hunter earlier this month by stealing two of his firearms.

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