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Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic chief pilot announced

8-2-2011 | 6

David Mackay will be flying tourists in to space on Virgin's sub-orbital space flights within two years.

Space & Astronomy

Nations compete in new space race

7-28-2011 | 19

As NASA's shuttle program ends other countries are moving forward with their own spaceflight plans.

Space & Astronomy

Shuttle launches in historic final flight

7-8-2011 | 20

Space shuttle Atlantis has launched successfully from Cape Canaveral for the very last time.

Space & Astronomy

Atlantis prepares for final shuttle mission

6-19-2011 | 18

After 30 years of space shuttle launches next month will see the end of an era for manned space flight.

Space & Astronomy

Space Adventures offer flights to the Moon

5-24-2011 | 25

US company plans to offer space flight tours including a breathtaking trip around the moon.

Space & Astronomy

Discovery's first pilot recalls maiden flight

3-10-2011 | 3

At the end of a 27 year program, Discovery's first pilot recalls his harrowing first experiences.


Serbian flight controllers "contact UFO"

3-2-2011 | 54

Air traffic controllers in Yakutsk claim to have been buzzed by a UFO and contacted by its occupants.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceShipTwo makes first solo glide flight

10-14-2010 | 10

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo has succeeded in its first solo glide flight at 45,000 feet.

Space & Astronomy

Boeing enters space tourism industry

9-17-2010 | 4

Boeing has announced that it intends to enter the space tourism industry with flights as early as 2015.


'Terror bird' was prize fighter

8-20-2010 | 3

These giant, flightless birds that roamed South America 50 million years ago would have been fearsome predators.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin space tourists could launch from Scotland

6-15-2010 | 8

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space tourism flights could launch from an RAF base in Scotland.

Science & Technology

Aircraft sets hypersonic record at Mach 6

5-28-2010 | 14

The X-51A Waverider has set a new hypersonic flight time record at six times the speed of sound.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's final shuttle flight slips to November

4-27-2010 | 1

The date for the last ever Space Shuttle flight has been pushed back to November, officials have said.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceShip Two's maiden flight a success

3-23-2010 | 10

In a major step towards the dream of commercial spaceflight SpaceShip Two's maiden test flight was a total success.


Feathered dinosaurs leapt from trees

1-26-2010 | 3

New evidence suggests that early feathered dinosaurs would have taken to flight from trees rather than from the ground.

Space & Astronomy

UK to have dedicated space agency

12-11-2009 |

The UK is to set up a dedicated space agency to help direct policies pertaining to space flight, research and technology...


Did ancient birds lose teeth for flight ?

12-10-2009 | 5

New research has suggested that ancient birds may have lost their teeth to lose enough weight to help them fly. The 150 ...

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic prepare for test flights

12-3-2009 | 0

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic are preparing their sub-orbital space plane SpaceShipTwo for test flights in the hope ...


Giant man-eating eagle actually existed

9-17-2009 | 16

The giant man-eating "Haast's Eagle" of New Zealand really did exist according to new research, it would have weighed up...

Science & Technology

Secret US SHC beam tested

9-4-2009 | 8

Boeing has announced an in-flight test firing of its new aeroplane mounted raygun-cannon protype, the Advanced Tactical ...

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