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Nature & Environment

Giant alligator goes for a stroll in Florida

 VIDEO  1-17-2017 | 45

A huge alligator was filmed by tourists at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, Florida this week.


Prehistoric bird hints at warm North Pole

12-29-2016 | 4

A newly discovered species of seagull-like bird lived at a time when the Arctic was as warm as Florida.

Science & Technology

Is laziness actually a sign of intelligence ?

8-10-2016 | 56

A new study in Florida has suggested that lazy people may be more intelligent that those who are active.

Nature & Environment

Man-eating Nile crocodiles found in Florida

5-22-2016 | 16

Using DNA testing, scientists have identified at least three of the deadly reptiles in Florida's swamps.

World of the Bizarre

3-year-old goes for a drive on the highway

 VIDEO  1-10-2016 | 26

Motorists in Florida last week were gobsmacked to see a small child driving along the middle of the road.

Nature & Environment

Florida invaded by giant African land snails

7-31-2015 | 17

Authorities in Florida have been attempting to curb the recent influx of the world's largest gastropod.

Nature & Environment

Wild 'virgin-born' sawfish are a world first

6-2-2015 | 8

Smalltooth sawfish in Florida appear to have developed a novel new way of escaping their own extinction.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO spotted during PGA golf tournament

 VIDEO  5-23-2015 | 34

An unidentified object was caught on camera during a golfing event in Florida earlier this month.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Bigfoot' filmed traipsing through swamp

 VIDEO  1-29-2015 | 124

A mysterious figure was caught on camera by a canoist in marshlands outside of Tampa, Florida.

The UFO Phenomenon

'UFO' filmed over Florida from cruise ship

 VIDEO  10-12-2014 | 52

A strange object has been caught on video by a passenger aboard a cruise ship off the Florida coast.

World of the Bizarre

Man in giant bubble rescued from the ocean

 VIDEO  10-7-2014 | 20

An attempt to 'run' from Florida to Bermuda in a plastic bubble didn't go quite according to plan.

Nature & Environment

'Monster' skate caught off Miami beach

11-27-2013 | 11

A fisherman from Florida has made headlines after catching a massive 800-pound skate fish.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery dark line caught on camera

8-5-2013 | 80

A strange dark line in the sky has been photographed over Honeymoon Island, Florida.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest manatee turns 65

7-22-2013 | 12

A manatee in Florida has highlighted the way in which captivity can unnaturally extend animal lifespans.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Skunk Ape' filmed in Florida

 VIDEO  6-5-2013 | 36

Footage recorded at Myakka River State Park is being hailed as evidence of the elusive Skunk Ape.

Nature & Environment

Record-breaking 128lb python caught

5-21-2013 | 27

The largest Burmese python ever discovered in Florida has been captured and killed in the Everglades.

Nature & Environment

Florida invaded by giant snails

4-15-2013 | 45

Large numbers of hungry Giant African Land Snails have descended upon Florida in their thousands.

World of the Bizarre

Man shot by his own dog in bizarre accident

3-1-2013 | 20

35-year-old Gregory Lanier from Florida managed to get shot in the leg by his unsuspecting pet bulldog.

World of the Bizarre

Teacher injured by falling fish

10-23-2012 | 27

A teacher in Southwest Florida was injured after being hit by a fish that had fallen from the heavens.

Nature & Environment

Giant Burmese python caught In Florida

8-16-2012 | 32

The largest Burmese python ever caught in Florida has been found in Everglades National Park.

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