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Science & Technology

USAF shows interest in 'Hexa' VTOL aircraft

 VIDEO  8-26-2020 | 3

US Air Force leaders were on-hand to witness a test flight of the drone-like Hexa 'flying car' last week.

Science & Technology

World's first genuine 'fly and drive' car unveiled

 VIDEO  12-4-2019 | 11

The Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle (or PAL-V) looks like something out of Back to the Future II.

Science & Technology

Blade Runner's gritty cyberpunk future is now

 VIDEO  11-5-2019 | 3

Ridley Scott's science fiction epic was set in November 2019 - so where are the flying cars and replicants ?

Science & Technology

Uber unveils futuristic flying taxi service

 VIDEO  6-16-2019 | 21

The popular ride-hailing firm has revealed its ambitious vision of a future where road taxis are a thing of the past.

Space & Astronomy

US startup reveals new flying car prototype

 VIDEO  7-16-2018 | 17

Named BlackFly, the new aerial vehicle doesn't require a pilot's license and will cost the same as a typical SUV.

Science & Technology

Larry Page's autonomous flying taxi revealed

 VIDEO  3-14-2018 | 1

The Google co-founder's flying car start-up Kitty Hawk has created a two-person passenger drone called Cora.

Science & Technology

Vahana 'flying car' passes first flight test

2-5-2018 | 5

The autonomous flying passenger drone has taken to the skies for the first time at a test site in Oregon.

Science & Technology

Uber to launch flying taxi service by 2020

 VIDEO  11-9-2017 | 11

The ride-hailing giant is reportedly working with NASA to develop a traffic signal system for flying cars.

Science & Technology

New 'Kitty Hawk' flying car footage revealed

 VIDEO  4-24-2017 | 22

The company behind the futuristic aerial vehicle was financially backed by Google founder Larry Page.

Science & Technology

Terrafugia's flying car is now one step closer

 VIDEO  12-16-2015 | 10

The dream of flying your own car through the clouds has taken another important step towards reality.

Science & Technology

Where are the flying cars and hoverboards ?

 VIDEO  1-1-2015 | 14

As 2015 begins we take a look at the technologies that may become a reality within the next 12 months.

Science & Technology

Flying cars may be available within 10 years

 VIDEO  5-6-2014 | 20

US company Terrafugia is developing a new flying car concept that could fit in your garage at home.

World of the Bizarre

Man crashes flying car in to tree

5-14-2013 | 18

A unique accident has brought in to focus the potential dangers of a society reliant on flying cars.

Science & Technology

Flying car goes on sale

3-20-2012 | 30

A two-seater flying automobile that can fly at speeds of up to 60mph is now on sale for over $1.5M.

Science & Technology

Terrafugia's flying car receives clearance

7-7-2011 | 10

The "roadable aircraft" has been in development for years and may finally be available next year.

Science & Technology

DARPA developing flying car

12-5-2010 | 5

DARPA and Terrafugia are developing a flying humvee to be used by troops in Afghanistan.

Science & Technology

Flying car to go in to production

6-30-2010 | 11

The Terrafugia Transition "flying car" has been given the go-ahead in the US for a move in to production.

Science & Technology

DARPA developing flying car

4-26-2010 |

DARPA is currently developing a flying vehicle that can both drive along the ground and fly through the air.

Science & Technology

"Impossible" device could propel flying cars

10-31-2009 | 7

Considered by many to be an impossibility, the Emdrive is a device that if real could propel everything from spaceships ...

Science & Technology

Flying car to be unveiled in 2011

6-26-2009 | 13

American company Terrafugia is set to unveil its new "flying car" as early as 2011, the technological marvel will be abl...

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