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Natural World

Bizarre spider looks like it has a dog's head

 VIDEO  11-7-2018 | 15

Found in the Amazon rainforest, this incredible arachnid looks like a strange cross between a dog and a spider.


Bizarre clip shows Quebec forest 'breathing'

 VIDEO  10-24-2018 | 5

This remarkable video footage shows the forest floor moving up and down as though breathing in and out.


Giant extinct bat unearthed in New Zealand

1-11-2018 | 4

The giant burrowing bat not only flew, but also scurried around on the forest floor looking for food.


Prehistoric forest fossils predate dinosaurs

11-13-2017 | 2

Scientists exploring Antarctica have found fossils from a forest dating back over 260 million years.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost hunters accused of damaging woodland

10-8-2017 | 16

Paranormal enthusiasts have been inadvertently damaging an area of allegedly haunted forest.

Natural World

New Amazon species is found every two days

 VIDEO  9-2-2017 | 8

Researchers have discovered hundreds of new plant and animal species in the Amazon over the last few years.

Natural World

Conjoined bat twins discovered in rainforest

7-28-2017 | 2

The extremely rare find is one of only a few examples of conjoined twins ever seen outside of humans.

Natural World

Yoda-like 'forest goblins' found in Indonesia

 VIDEO  5-5-2017 | 5

Two brand new species of small tree-dwelling primate have been discovered on the island of Sulawesi.

Modern Mysteries

Poland's Crooked Forest remains a mystery

4-2-2017 | 17

Experts are no closer to determining why the trees outside Gryfino, Poland are all bent out of shape.

Science & Technology

Amazon tribe has world's healthiest arteries

3-19-2017 | 10

A new study has revealed that the indigenous Tsimane people have very low levels of vascular aging.

Ancient Mysteries

Mysterious earthworks found in the Amazon

2-7-2017 | 12

More than 450 large geometrical geoglyphs have been discovered in areas cleared by deforestation.

Natural World

China's 'Star Wars gibbon' is a new species

 VIDEO  1-11-2017 | 3

Scientists have discovered an entirely new species of primate in a remote Chinese rainforest.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Amazon's 'Stonehenge'

12-16-2016 | 13

An ancient civilization is believed to have built standing stones in the rainforest over 1,000 years ago.


'Super-cute' dinosaur had built-in camouflage

9-16-2016 | 6

Scientists have determined the skin color of a small forest dinosaur by analyzing its fossilized skin.

Natural World

Explorer finds giant earthworm in rainforest

 VIDEO  6-6-2016 | 14

Entomologist and TV host Phil Torres encountered the 4ft invertebrate during a tropical rainstorm.

Ancient Mysteries

Giant stone sphere found in Bosnian forest

4-12-2016 | 308

The huge sphere, which measures around 5ft across, is thought to be evidence of an ancient civilization.

Natural World

Enormous 17ft anaconda filmed in the Amazon

 VIDEO  3-18-2016 | 18

A BBC film crew has captured footage of a gigantic green anaconda in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

Natural World

Newly grown rainforests capture more carbon

2-6-2016 | 8

A new study has revealed that regrown rainforests absorb up to 11 times more carbon than old forests.

Natural World

Man films the ground 'breathing in and out'

 VIDEO  11-11-2015 | 22

New footage has emerged showing the ground literally heaving up and down within a forest in Canada.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO landing site blamed for making dogs sick

10-24-2015 | 26

Some dogs being walked through Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England have allegedly become unwell.

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