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Natural World

There are still three trillion trees on Earth

9-3-2015 | 28

The number of trees left in all the forests on Earth is now believed to measure in the trillions.


New 'Bigfoot' video recorded at Bluff Creek

 VIDEO  8-23-2015 | 61

Footage has emerged showing a dark figure crouching down next to a stream in a secluded forest.

The UFO Phenomenon

New Rendlesham Forest UFO evidence found

7-13-2015 | 94

Col Charles Halt has revealed that radar operators had tracked a bogie at the time of the incident.

Ancient Mysteries

Explorers discover lost city in Honduras

3-3-2015 | 15

The ancient ruins were found during an expedition to locate the fabled 'City of the Monkey God'.


'Bigfoot' filmed walking through snowy woods

 VIDEO  1-18-2015 | 41

Footage has emerged showing a large hominid strolling through the snows of a Russian forest.

Natural World

New species of legless amphibian discovered

1-18-2015 | 9

A strange new type of amphibian that looks like a snake has been found in the Cambodian rainforest.

Natural World

30 new spider species discovered in China

12-7-2014 | 15

Researchers found the arachnids within less than a single square mile of the Xishuangbanna rainforest.


Loch Ness sees spate of monster sightings

11-22-2014 | 14

A recent increase in Loch Ness Monster reports has been attributed to debris from a nearby forest.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Bermuda Triangle' in Transylvanian forest

11-14-2014 | 31

A notorious area of woodland in Romania has been home to countless tales of paranormal phenomena.

Modern Mysteries

Woman endures 17 days lost in the rainforest

10-9-2014 | 19

Mother-of-three Shannon Fraser went missing for over two weeks prompting an extensive search effort.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sculpture set up in Rendlesham Forest

9-24-2014 | 37

A commemorative metal UFO has been placed at the location of the famous 1980 encounter.


Four-year-old survives 11 days lost in forest

8-14-2014 | 25

A little girl somehow survived almost two weeks alone in a remote bear-infested forest in Siberia.

Ancient Mysteries

Amazon earthworks predate the rainforest

7-14-2014 | 8

Man-made ditches found across the Bolivian and Brazilian Amazon remain something of a mystery.


Mystery footprints found over 1km in Malaysia

5-18-2014 | 24

A trail of large, humanlike footprints has been discovered near the Endau Rompin forest reserve.

Ancient Mysteries

Seeking the Amazon's lost civilizations

1-17-2014 | 26

How widespread were pre-Columbian civilizations within the world's largest rainforest ?

Natural World

New species of tapir discovered

12-19-2013 | 9

Scientists have identified a new species of endangered dwarf tapir living in the Amazon rainforest.

Natural World

Amazon rainforest home to 441 new species

10-24-2013 | 10

Expeditions over the last four years have uncovered a treasure trove of previously undiscovered species.

Modern Mysteries

German 'forest boy' turns out to be a hoax

10-3-2013 | 9

A boy who claimed to have spent five years living in the woods in Germany has been exposed as a fake.


'Bigfoot' filmed in remote Canadian woods

9-30-2013 | 47

A new video has appeared online that claims to show evidence of a hominid creature lurking in the forest.

Modern Mysteries

'Forest boy' found in Siberia after 16 years

9-13-2013 | 8

Authorities in Siberia have located a young man who had lived in the wilderness for almost two decades.

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