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Science & Technology

Nuclear fusion propulsion proposed

6-28-2012 | 19

Physicists are developing a pulsed nuclear fusion system to propel spacecraft in to deep space.

Science & Technology

E-Cat cold fusion demonstration a success

11-3-2011 | 67

Andrea Rossi has demonstrated his E-Cat cold fusion device at the University of Bologna in Italy.

Science & Technology

Cold fusion confirmed in E-Cat test

10-14-2011 | 50

Andrea Rossi's cold fusion energy catalyzer has been successfully demonstrated in a recent test.

Science & Technology

Nobel laureate touts E-Cat cold fusion

6-27-2011 | 8

Nobel prize winner Dr. Brian Josephson is trying to increase awareness of E-cat cold fusion.

Science & Technology

E-Cat Cold fusion independently validated

5-20-2011 | 49

The new reactor is gaining momentum and could be the answer to providing clean, unlimited energy.

Science & Technology

Scientists claim cold fusion breakthrough

1-23-2011 | 54

Two italian scientists claim they have developed and demonstrated a working cold fusion device.

Science & Technology

Sustainable fusion reactor ready by 2012 ?

11-15-2010 | 37

The world's first sustainable fusion reactor could become workable within just two years.

Science & Technology

World powers combine on joint fusion project

8-11-2010 | 11

Several of the world's leading powers are combining forces to finance a joint nuclear fusion project.

Science & Technology

Iran to develop nuclear fusion

7-25-2010 | 19

Iran has announced research and development of a nuclear fusion reactor with a budget of $7 million.

Science & Technology

North Korea claims nuclear fusion success

5-13-2010 | 30

Its being met with a great deal of skepticism but North Korea claim to have succeeded in developing nuclear fusion.

Science & Technology

Cold fusion gains increased acceptance

3-22-2010 | 20

If it works cold fusion could supply the world with almost limitless power, but just how feasible is it ?

Science & Technology

Massive laser to trigger nuclear fusion reaction

2-1-2010 | 11

Later this year the world's most powerful laser will attempt to achieve a self sustaning nuclear fusion reaction.

Science & Technology

Turning nuclear waste in to clean fuel

6-7-2009 | 2

Following the recent experiment aimed at producing controlled nuclear fusion scientists have been looking in to possible...

Science & Technology

Scientists aim to replicate the Sun

3-18-2009 | 27

Scientists aim to replicate the power of the Sun in a new nuclear fusion experiment involving laser beams being fired at...

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