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Nature & Environment

Radioactive wild boar wander Europe's woods

9-3-2014 | 23

The effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster are still being felt in Europe more than 28 years later.

World of the Bizarre

Boy drains entire pond to find his iPhone

8-4-2014 | 39

A boy in Germany took matters in to his own hands when he lost his phone during a fishing trip.

Modern Mysteries

Crop circle appears in a field in Germany

 VIDEO  8-1-2014 | 78

The impressive and elaborate crop formation has been attracting thousands of visitors.

World of the Bizarre

Woman robbed after being placed in a trance

3-12-2014 | 15

Police in Germany are hunting two hypnotists in connection with a spate of unusual robberies.

World of the Bizarre

Flatulent cows cause methane gas explosion

1-29-2014 | 29

A herd of cows managed to cause a significant gas explosion on a dairy farm in Rasdorf, Germany.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO disrupts airport in Germany

1-10-2014 | 77

An unidentified flying object over Bremen prompted cancelled flights and a formal police investigation.

Modern Mysteries

German 'forest boy' turns out to be a hoax

10-3-2013 | 9

A boy who claimed to have spent five years living in the woods in Germany has been exposed as a fake.

The UFO Phenomenon

Night vision UFOs filmed over Germany

 VIDEO  9-28-2013 | 32

Three unusual objects have been caught on night vision camera in the skies east of Wittenberg in Germany.

Archaeology & History

Badger discovers medieval treasure trove

8-16-2013 | 13

A badger has unwittingly helped uncover the tombs of two medieval lords at a site in Germany.

Science & Technology

Algae-powered building unveiled in Germany

4-21-2013 | 12

The world's first building to be powered by algae is being piloted in Hamburg by engineering firm Arup.

World of the Bizarre

Male German soldiers developing breasts

1-30-2013 | 42

In a bizarre medical conundrum, several male soldiers in Germany have started to develop breasts.

The UFO Phenomenon

German court orders release of UFO report

12-12-2011 | 35

A man in Germany has won a court case acknowledging his right to view a government UFO report.

Modern Mysteries

German forest boy baffles police

9-18-2011 | 72

A 17-year-old boy who claims to have lived in a forest for years has perplexed police in Germany.

Modern Mysteries

'Baby born' captured on Google Street View

11-25-2010 | 16

The Google Street View cameras seem to have caught a baby being born on a street in Germany.

World of the Bizarre

The man with the longest name in Germany

11-11-2010 | 11

Bernd Ottovordemgentschenfelde is entering the record books for the longest name in Germany.

World of the Bizarre

Psychic Octopus begins advertising career

8-2-2010 | 4

An octopus credited with predicting the World Cup results has become a sensation in Germany.

World of the Bizarre

Postman marries his cat

5-4-2010 | 58

A postman from Germany has hit the headlines this week after holding a ceremony in which he married his pet cat.

World of the Bizarre

Man smuggles 44 lizards in his underpants

1-27-2010 | 10

A man from Germany has been jailed after attempting to smuggle a number of reptiles out of New Zealand in his underwear.

Science & Technology

New artificial nose can 'sniff out' terrorists

1-25-2010 | 0

Scientists in Germany have developed a new device that can literally sniff out explosives in the search for terrorists.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Girl with half a brain sees in one eye

7-25-2009 | 5

A girl from Germany who was born with only half a brain is able to see both fields of vision in only one eye. Scientists...

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