Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Nature & Environment

Why is the giant panda black and white ?

11-17-2021 | 1

A trio of scientists explain exactly how they determined the reason behind the panda's distinctive coloration.

Nature & Environment

Giant pandas are no longer endangered

7-9-2021 | 3

Once the poster child for endangered species, China's giant panda has been doing well in recent years.

Nature & Environment

First known albino panda caught on camera

 VIDEO  5-28-2019 | 4

Researchers at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in China have photographed a totally white giant panda.

Nature & Environment

Giant panda moves off endangered species list

9-5-2016 | 3

Wildlife conservation authorities have downranked the giant panda's endangered status to 'vulnerable'.

Nature & Environment

Pandas can't actually digest bamboo properly

5-20-2015 | 12

Despite spending most of their time eating it, bamboo gives pandas a bad case of indigestion.

Nature & Environment

Wild giant panda population is on the rise

2-28-2015 | 11

A new census has revealed that the number of giant pandas living in the wild has risen by 17 percent.

Science & Technology

Could pandas help us to tackle superbugs ?

12-31-2012 | 10

Scientists have discovered that Giant Pandas could be a rich new source of antibiotic medications.

Nature & Environment

Is the giant squid the new giant panda ?

5-14-2011 | 18

Scientists have proposed using the giant squid as a symbol for marine conservation efforts.

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