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Archaeology & History

Giant stone sphere found in Bosnian forest

4-12-2016 | 308

The huge sphere, which measures around 5ft across, is thought to be evidence of an ancient civilization.

Space & Astronomy

Further evidence of Planet Nine discovered

3-29-2016 | 56

The case for a hidden gas giant in the outer solar system continues to go from strength to strength.


Giant bird had a head the size of a horse's

2-13-2016 | 5

A huge flightless bird called Gastornis is thought to have once roamed what is now the Arctic Circle.

World of the Bizarre

Amazon software adds zombie invasion clause

2-11-2016 | 5

The Internet giant has added a rather unusual clause to the small print of one its latest products.

Space & Astronomy

Giant gas cloud is heading towards our galaxy

 VIDEO  1-30-2016 | 6

The cloud of gas will trigger an explosion of star formation but will take 30 million years to get here.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity reveals giant sand dunes on Mars

 VIDEO  1-16-2016 | 4

NASA's Curiosity rover has photographed a huge wall of sand on the edge of the Martian desert.

Modern Mysteries

'Giant robot' photographed by plane passenger

1-15-2016 | 56

A peculiar picture, which shows what looks like a figure walking on the clouds, has gone viral online.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Does famous Nessie video show giant eels ?

 VIDEO  1-11-2016 | 17

A new analysis of a video taken 8 years ago has suggested an alternative explanation for the sighting.

Modern Mysteries

Giant metal balls fall from sky over Vietnam

 VIDEO  1-10-2016 | 17

Military officials have been conducting an investigation after the objects fell from the sky on Saturday.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest living animal is 183 years old

1-9-2016 | 11

Despite being around for almost two centuries, Jonathan the Aldabra giant tortoise is still going strong.


Real-life King Kong died out due to its diet

1-6-2016 | 11

A prehistoric species of giant ape went extinct because it couldn't adapt to its changing environment.

Nature & Environment

Live giant squid filmed off coast of Japan

 VIDEO  12-27-2015 | 15

An underwater camera has picked up rare footage of a large squid in the waters of Japan's Toyama Bay.

Nature & Environment

Extinct giant tortoises could live again

12-10-2015 | 8

Scientists are hoping to breed hybrid tortoises in a renewed attempt to resurrect two extinct subspecies.

Science & Technology

Google built prototype Star Trek communicator

11-24-2015 | 10

The search giant once attempted to develop a real-life version of the Star Trek communicator badge.

Archaeology & History

'Hand of Hercules' belonged to 40ft statue

11-9-2015 | 13

Archaeologists believe that a giant marble hand in Jordan once belonged to a gigantic statue of Hercules.

World of the Bizarre

Giant inflatable pumpkin rolls down street

 VIDEO  11-3-2015 | 5

A bizarre spectacle greeted pedestrians in Arizona this week when a large Halloween display got loose.

Nature & Environment

First ever juvenile giant squid discovered

10-24-2015 | 6

Scientists have identified the first ever baby giant squid in specimens fished up off the coast of Japan.

Nature & Environment

New species of Galapagos giant tortoise found

 VIDEO  10-22-2015 | 4

Scientists have revealed the discovery of a new species of giant tortoise on the Galapagos Islands.


Early Australians lived with giant lizards

9-26-2015 | 11

New evidence suggests that Australia was once home to huge reptiles that lived alongside early humans.

Science & Technology

'Frankenvirus' found in Siberian permafrost

9-9-2015 | 13

A giant virus discovered frozen beneath the tundra has been revived after more than 30,000 years.

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