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World of the Bizarre

World's most expensive cocktail goes on sale

9-27-2014 | 21

Diners with more money than sense can sample the delicacy for the princely sum of 9,000 per glass.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Cabinet smashes on its own in auction house

9-18-2014 | 21

A CCTV camera has recorded the moment a glass door smashed to pieces seemingly on its own accord.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Poltergeist' activity filmed inside store

 VIDEO  3-27-2014 | 46

A surveillance video recorded the moment a glass lid appeared to fly across the room all on its own.

Space & Astronomy

'Black glass' could be comet chunk

10-11-2013 | 7

A remarkable charred black pebble could be the first large-scale comet fragment ever recovered.

Space & Astronomy

Hubble finds blue planet with glass rain

7-13-2013 | 16

In a world first astronomers have been able to determine the true colour of an extrasolar planet.

Science & Technology

Glasses provide cure for colour blindness

2-9-2013 | 11

Scientists have developed special spectacles that allow someone to see in the full spectrum of light.

Space & Astronomy

Dark regions on Mars made of glass

4-16-2012 | 11

10 million square kilometres of the Martian surface is believed to comprise of volcanic glass.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Man builds sculpture after Bigfoot encounter

12-15-2011 | 27

Clifford LaBrecque had an 8ft fibreglass reconstruction made of the creature he came across in Iowa.

Science & Technology

Glasses could interpret emotions

7-10-2011 | 11

A pair of glasses have been developed that can read the emotions of the person you are looking at.

Science & Technology

World's first electronic glasses developed

4-27-2011 | 6

The new spectacles contain a thin liquid crystal layer that can change its alignment when needed.

Science & Technology

Could glasses soon be history ?

9-15-2010 | 19

Scientists have identified the gene responsible for short-sightedness that could lead to a cure within 10 years.

World of the Bizarre

Chinese man has eaten 1,500 light bulbs

5-2-2010 | 19

A man in China claims that over the last 40 years he has consumed over 1500 glass light bulbs for snacks.

World of the Bizarre

Armed Santa robs bank

12-24-2009 | 18

In a bizarre robbery this week a man dressed up as Santa was anything but generous when he entered a bank in the US wear...

Science & Technology

Rainbow trapped for the first time

12-2-2009 | 10

For the first time a rainbow of light has been trapped using a lens and a plate of glass using a technique that could op...

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