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Science & Technology

Government study finds cellphone-cancer link

5-27-2016 | 63

The findings suggest that exposure to cellphone radiation may cause brain and heart cancers in rats.


Scientists find first ever fossilized heart

 VIDEO  4-20-2016 | 7

The fossil organ was discovered inside the remains of a fish specimen dating back 119 million years.

Natural World

Aerial drones can scare black bears to death

8-14-2015 | 7

New research suggests that drones stress bears out so much that they can suffer a heart attack.

Space & Astronomy

Giant 'heart' spotted in close-ups of Pluto

7-10-2015 | 17

The latest photographs from New Horizons show a distinctive heart shape on the surface of Pluto.


'No aliens in Area 51' says NASA head

6-19-2015 | 122

Charles Bolden made the light-hearted remarks after being questioned by a ten-year-old on Sky News.


Boy 'met Jesus' during near-death experience

5-16-2015 | 36

The 17-year-old had been clinically dead for twenty minutes before his heart started beating again.

Space & Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin sends message from Stonehenge

3-18-2015 | 27

The legendary astronaut tweeted a light-hearted picture encouraging a manned trip to Mars.

Science & Technology

First ever bionic heart doesn't have a beat

3-12-2015 | 20

Scientists have developed an artificial heart that can pump blood around the body without beating.


Woman dies 36 times in a single year

3-9-2015 | 14

Sara Brautigam suffers from a rare condition that stops her heart beating for up to a minute at a time.

Science & Technology

Drone captures amazing volcano footage

 VIDEO  10-5-2014 | 3

A drone fitted with a high quality camera has ventured in to the fiery heart of a volcano in Iceland.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost Box' creator Frank Sumption has died

8-19-2014 | 33

The man behind a controversial device designed to communicate with spirits has died of a heart attack.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Heart attack victim: 'there is an afterlife'

2-21-2014 | 384

41-year-old Brian Miller reported a vivid near-death experience when his heart stopped for 45 minutes.


Man is born with his heart in his abdomen

8-23-2013 | 12

Huang Rongming has undergone surgery to address a very rare case of congenital heart displacement.

Science & Technology

Woman survives being dead for 42 minutes

8-20-2013 | 11

Doctors battled to save Vanessa Tanasio after she suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 41.

Modern Mysteries

Woman 'dies' for 45 minutes

3-27-2013 | 21

A woman whose heart stopped for a full 45 minutes stunned doctors by going on to make a full recovery.

Ancient Mysteries

Heart disease found in ancient mummies

3-12-2013 | 10

CT scans of ancient mummies have revealed that heart disease was widespread in the ancient world.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Hearing heartbeat improves self-awareness

2-8-2013 | 9

New research suggests that hearing your own heartbeat can make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Ancient Mysteries

Medieval 'vampire' burial unearthed

11-6-2012 | 16

The skeleton was discovered with a number of metal spikes through its shoulders, heart and ankles.


Top brain surgeon claims afterlife exists

10-12-2012 | 177

A Harvard-educated neurosurgeon had a change of heart after he had his own near-death experience.

Science & Technology

Scientists create artificial jellyfish

 VIDEO  7-24-2012 | 20

A team of bioengineers have taken cells from a rat's heart and used them to create a 'Franken-jelly'.

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