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Science & Technology

'Heart shrinking' trial to begin

5-2-2012 | 5

Doctors are to trial a new technique for treating heart failure that involves electrical stimulation.


Vegas grill serves up 8,000 calorie burgers

10-22-2011 | 39

The aptly named Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is offering up "Quadruple Bypass" burgers.

Science & Technology

Man is fitted with artificial heart

8-4-2011 | 4

40-year-old Matthew Green has a completely artificial heart powered by a pump and battery in a rucksack.


Goldfish survive 134 days without food

7-28-2011 | 16

In a heartwarming story of survival, two goldfish survived 4 months without food after an earthquake.

Science & Technology

Meditation can half risk of heart attack

6-30-2011 | 14

Researchers have found that transcendental meditation can provide significant health benefits.


World's first wizard school opens

3-4-2011 | 79

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart is headmaster of the world's only real-life school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Science & Technology

Mice can re-grow their own heart

2-28-2011 | 3

New research has demonstrated that newly born mice can re-grow their own heart if it is damaged.

Science & Technology

Man revived after being dead for 3.5 hours

1-17-2011 | 31

A 53-year-old man whose heart had stopped for over 3 hours was brought back to life by doctors.


Neanderthal's cosy bedroom unearthed

8-7-2010 | 9

Anthropologists have discovered a neanderthal cave sleeping chamber complete with hearth in Spain.


Cause of death of Italian saint uncovered

6-12-2010 | 2

Italian saint Santa Rosa who died 700 years ago is thought to have suffered a fatal blood clot in the heart.

Science & Technology

Patient undergoes heart surgery while awake

2-14-2010 | 17

Surgeons in Bangalore have demonstrated the process of open heart surgery while the patient is still wide awake.

Science & Technology

Regrowing body parts: the future

11-27-2009 | 5

Science has come a long way in the quest to help patients who are in need of replacement body parts but now research has...

The UFO Phenomenon

Socorro UFO witness Zamora dies

11-7-2009 | 2

Policeman Lonnie Zamora, a witness to one of the most well known UFO incidents, the Socorro incident of 1964, has died o...


"Miracle" as wafer becomes heart tissue

11-2-2009 | 24

A miracle has been reported in Poland after a piece of cummunion wafer that fell in to water during a mass allegedly tra...


5-rupee coin stops bullet headed for heart

10-5-2009 | 1

A man in India this week was miraculously saved from a bullet fired at his heart by a five-rupee coin in his wallet that...

Modern Mysteries

Fortean author John Keel dies aged 79

7-8-2009 | 6

Noted journalist, writer and author of The Mothman Prophecies John Keel has died aged 79 from heart failure. Keel was on...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Optimists live longer and healthier lives

4-24-2009 | 17

A new study suggested that people who are optimistic are likely to live longer lives than pessimists, with a 14 percent ...


Surgeon has heart attack, completes operation

3-26-2009 | 18

A surgeon in Italy who was in the middle of performing a brain operation on a patient continued to undergo the surgery d...

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