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Were modern humans and Neanderthals at war ?

11-3-2020 | 5

War and conflict may have been an intrinsic part of the lives of our ancestors for over 100,000 years.

Space & Astronomy

NASA: first woman to walk on the Moon by 2024

9-22-2020 | 4

The space agency has officially published its $28bn plan to land humans on the lunar surface within four years.


When did humans first learn to create fire ?

8-26-2020 | 12

Fire is one of mankind's most fundamental technological discoveries - but just how long ago did we discover it ?


Did humans really wipe out the woolly rhino ?

8-14-2020 | 14

The woolly rhino may not have been wiped out by human hunting practices as was previously believed.

Space & Astronomy

Firms compete to build next-gen lunar lander

 VIDEO  5-2-2020 | 8

Blue Origin, SpaceX and Dynetics are each working on their own solutions to landing humans on the Moon.

Science & Technology

Can humans sense the Earth's magnetic field ?

3-22-2020 | 17

The results of a recent experiment suggest that it is not just animals that can sense our planet's magnetism.


Early humans interbred with 'ghost population'

2-13-2020 | 17

A new study has revealed that our ancestors mated with a mysterious unknown population of ancient humans.

Space & Astronomy

New facility to produce oxygen from Moon dust

1-22-2020 | 11

A new technique could help make it possible for humans to live on the lunar surface in the not-too-distant future.


Are UFOs piloted by humans from the future ?

1-20-2020 | 79

Is it possible that unidentified flying objects are piloted, not by aliens, but by our own future descendants ?


Homo erectus lived alongside modern humans

12-26-2019 | 10

One of our ancient ancestors held on for so long that it was still around when modern humans arrived on the scene.

Science & Technology

Scientists 'reverse biological age of humans'

9-7-2019 | 30

A new study has reportedly succeeded in reversing the aging process in a test group of nine individuals.


3.8 million-year-old hominin skull unearthed

 VIDEO  8-29-2019 | 7

The remarkable discovery has reignited the debate over which hominim species gave rise to modern humans.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk still wants to drop nukes on Mars

 VIDEO  8-17-2019 | 13

The SpaceX CEO has long held the belief that nuking the Red Planet could make it more habitable for humans.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX Starship update coming later this month

 VIDEO  8-4-2019 | 0

Elon Musk's private space firm has been developing a spacecraft capable of landing humans on other worlds.

Science & Technology

Why aren't humans constantly hallucinating ?

7-21-2019 | 13

A fascinating new study has highlighted just how sensitive, yet finely tuned the human brain actually is.

Science & Technology

New details of Elon Musk's Neuralink revealed

7-17-2019 | 13

The firm aims to make it possible for humans to interact with machines through a brain-computer interface.


Oldest human skull found outside Africa

7-11-2019 | 5

Scientists have identified the earliest known evidence of modern humans outside of the African continent.

Science & Technology

Puppy dog eyes are an evolutionary trait

6-18-2019 | 11

Scientists have discovered that dogs have evolved eye muscles to help make them more appealing to humans.

Science & Technology

Humans are growing a spike on their skulls

6-15-2019 | 16

Excessive smartphone use has resulted in the growth of a bony protrusion on the back of our heads.

Space & Astronomy

Humans on Mars could become a new species

5-22-2019 | 16

An evolutionary biologist has outlined what is likely to happen when people start living full-time on Mars.

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