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World of the Bizarre

Exactly what color are these strawberries ?

3-1-2017 | 27

An intriguing optical illusion involving a plate of strawberries has been doing the rounds online.

Modern Mysteries

Ghost ship illusion appears on Lake Superior

 VIDEO  10-12-2016 | 23

An intriguing optical illusion has been caught on camera from the shores of North America's largest lake.

World of the Bizarre

Mike Pence optical illusion surfaces online

7-19-2016 | 25

A recent photograph Tweeted by Indiana governor Mike Pence has left many people scratching their heads.

World of the Bizarre

Derren Brown takes his demon out for a walk

 VIDEO  4-18-2016 | 17

The psychological illusionist was filmed scaring theme park staff with a four-legged demon on a leash.

World of the Bizarre

Train track illusion is baffling the Internet

4-9-2016 | 52

A remarkable optical illusion posted on Twitter has left many Internet users scratching their heads.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can you see a baby's face in this picture ?

10-13-2015 | 64

Scientists have come up with a novel new way to determine whether someone is prone to hallucinations.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of the Mona Lisa's smile solved

8-20-2015 | 14

Researchers have identified a subtle optical illusion responsible for the painting's enigmatic smile.

Science & Technology

Is the concept of 'free will' an illusion ?

6-23-2014 | 35

Scientists believe that free will could be due to fluctuations in the background noise of the brain.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Derren Brown to make a straight man gay

2-19-2013 | 87

Illusionist Derren Brown is planning to change someone's sexual orientation for his latest TV stunt.

World of the Bizarre

David Blaine undertakes 'electrifying' stunt

10-7-2012 | 41

American illusionist and stuntman David Blaine has started his latest feat of endurance in New York.

World of the Bizarre

Man walks across the Thames on foot

6-28-2011 | 16

Illusionist Steve "Dynamo" Frayne's rise to fame continues as he walks on water across the Thames.

Space & Astronomy

A history of Martian illusions

6-10-2011 | 76

A lot of strange things have been spotted on Mars over the years - but most are not quite what they seem.

Modern Mysteries

Illusionists stage levitation for 200 minutes

9-12-2010 | 22

Nicolas Luisetti and John Paul Olhaberry stunned onlookers by appearing to levitate in the air for over 3 hours.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Biologist: free will is an illusion

3-8-2010 | 42

For thousands of years philosophers and scientists have pondered over whether or not free will actually exists.

Space & Astronomy

Solar tsunamis are real, says NASA

11-27-2009 | 5

Up until now the powerful waves of plasma observed on the surface of the sun known as "solar tsunamis" were thought to b...

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