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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Has Jesus' house been found in Nazareth ?

3-2-2015 | 26

Archaeologists have identified the 1st century house in which Jesus was believed to have been brought up.

Ancient Mysteries

Possible site of Jesus's trial discovered

1-5-2015 | 20

Archaeologists believe that they have uncovered the remains of Herod the Great's palace in Jerusalem.


Which Bethlehem was Jesus born in ?

12-24-2014 | 49

There are actually two places in Israel called Bethlehem, one of which being a small village in Galilee.


'Lost Gospel' claims Jesus was married

11-10-2014 | 60

An ancient manuscript discovered at the British Library suggests that Jesus was married and had children.


Was the Turin Shroud a medieval Easter prop?

10-28-2014 | 24

A British scholar and author has claimed that the controversial relic is not from the time of Jesus.

Ancient Mysteries

'Beardless Jesus' discovered in Spain

10-6-2014 | 18

One of the earliest depictions of Jesus has been found on a plate dating back to the 4th century AD.

Ancient Mysteries

Oldest image of Jesus found in Egyptian tomb

5-1-2014 | 26

A crypt dating back to the 6th century is home to what is thought to be the earliest depiction of Christ.


Jesus' wife parchment is not a fake

4-11-2014 | 66

A fragment of papyrus with writing that references the wife of Jesus is believed to be genuine.


Was Jesus really crucified in a 'T' shape ?

4-7-2014 | 154

A new study has suggested that the traditional depiction of Jesus on the cross could be wrong.


'Jesus and Mary' appear on Google Earth

10-29-2013 | 34

One of Google's Street View cars has captured something unusual while on a highway in Switzerland.

Ancient Mysteries

Biblical-era town discovered in Israel

9-18-2013 | 17

The Sea of Galilee town could be Dalmanutha, a place visited by Jesus after he fed the four thousand.

Ancient Mysteries

Jesus' cross fragment unearthed in Turkey

8-5-2013 | 27

Archaeologists in Turkey have discovered a relic that was originally hailed as a piece of Jesus' cross.


Ancient text tells of 'shape-shifting' Jesus

3-13-2013 | 50

Dating back 1200 years, a newly deciphered Egyptian text reveals an alternative version of events.


Report on Jesus' wife papyrus delayed

1-12-2013 | 24

The article was expected to detail the discovery of a 4th century parchment which references Jesus' wife.


Did Jesus go to Japan ?

12-27-2012 | 35

Some believe that during the 'lost years' of his life Jesus traveled the world and spent time in Japan.


'Jesus' causes uproar at darts contest

 VIDEO  12-14-2012 | 27

Nathan Grindal got more than be bargained for when he went to watch a darts tournament in Somerset.


Pope disputes the date of Jesus' birth

11-23-2012 | 125

Pope Benedict has claimed that Jesus was actually born several years earlier than currently thought.


Vatican claims 'Jesus wife' parchment is fake

10-1-2012 | 159

The recently revealed papyrus fragment referencing the wife of Jesus is said to be a 'clumsy forgery'.


Papyrus makes reference to Jesus' wife

9-19-2012 | 159

A message inked on an ancient scrap of papyrus seems to suggest that Jesus may have been married.


Did Jesus die on Friday, April 3, 33AD ?

5-28-2012 | 78

A new study is believed to have pinpointed the exact date on which Jesus was thought to have died.

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