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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Author tackles historical evidence of Jesus

4-11-2012 | 175

Historian Bart Ehrman counters the mythicist view of Jesus by compiling the evidence for his existence.


The final resting place of Jesus found ?

2-29-2012 | 88

Archaeologists believe they may have located the final resting place of Jesus himself in Jerusalem.


Woman sees face of Jesus in sock

12-31-2011 | 35

38-year-old Sarah Crane believes one of her drying socks exhibited the face of Jesus in its creases.


"Jesus toaster" goes on sale

12-25-2011 | 29

A firm in the US has developed a toaster that produces slices of toast featuring the face of Jesus.


Were there more than three wise men ?

12-22-2011 | 26

An ancient document has revealed that the baby Jesus may have been visited by crowds of wise men.


Face of Jesus found on paper towel

12-1-2011 | 45

The face of Jesus has been spotted in another mundane everyday object - this time in a paper towel.


Image of Jesus sighted on cliff face

11-16-2011 | 49

A woman in Ireland has taken a photograph of what she believes to be the face of Jesus on a cliff.


Image of Jesus seen on Wal-Mart receipt

7-20-2011 | 63

A couple in South Carolina were given a receipt in Walmart that appeared to have a face on it.


Woman sees Jesus in towel

4-21-2011 | 30

31-year-old Roisin McCourt believes she has found the face of Jesus Christ in a stained tea towel.


Jesus crucifixion nails discovered

4-13-2011 | 39

Simcha Jacobovici believes he has located two of the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus.


Man recalls out-of-body experience

4-11-2011 | 91

John Edwards believes that he saw Jesus and the city of light while lying in an emergancy room.

Ancient Mysteries

Rare metal books could hold Jesus secrets

4-4-2011 | 40

A set of 70 books found in Jordan are being hailed as a find more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Jesus crucifixion thorn goes on display

3-25-2011 | 17

A thorn claimed to be from the crown Jesus wore during his crucifixion has gone on display in Britain.


Couple finds image of Jesus in wooden chair

2-19-2011 | 29

Lou and Lynn Balducci found the image in the wood of an old rocking chair that they'd had for years.


Woman sees Jesus in x-ray image

12-30-2010 | 24

Karen Sigler has claimed that an x-Ray taken of her chest contains a clear image of Jesus.


Lord Jesus Christ hit by car

12-18-2010 | 25

A man whose legal name is "Lord Jesus Christ" has been knocked down by a car in Massachusetts.


The legend of Jesus' great-grandmother

12-12-2010 | 7

Two 14th and 15th century manuscripts have revealed details of Jesus' great-grandmother.


Poland to build world's largest Jesus statue

10-19-2010 | 13

The world's largest statue of Jesus is being constructed in a small Polish town.


Five-year 'Jesus box' trial comes to an end

10-17-2010 | 15

After much deliberation the courts have still to come to a verdict on the infamous "Jesus box".


Image of Jesus seen on telephone pole

9-8-2010 | 21

Attention has been drawn to a telephone pole in Louisiana on which the ivy has formed a shape similar to that of Jesus.

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