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Modern Mysteries

Leonardo Da Vinci mystery to stay hidden

9-26-2012 | 5

The hunt for a long lost Da Vinci masterpiece beneath a fresco in Florence has been called off.

Archaeology & History

Was Da Vinci in The Last Supper ?

8-21-2012 | 11

Did Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci paint his likeness in to one of his most famous paintings ?

Science & Technology

Da Vinci anatomical drawings go on display

5-1-2012 | 10

A new exhibition will showcase Leonardo Da Vinci's remarkably accurate drawings of the human body.

Science & Technology

Triple-barrelled cannon found in Croatia

6-12-2011 | 24

A forerunner to the modern machine gun invented by Leonardo Da Vinci himself has been found in Croatia.

Modern Mysteries

Da Vinci manuscript found in France

12-8-2010 | 11

A rare Leonardo Da Vinci coded manuscript has been discovered in a public library in France.

Modern Mysteries

Scientists to dig up Leonardo Da Vinci's bones

1-24-2010 | 22

A group of scientists is looking to dig up the remains of Leonardo Da Vinci so that they can reconstruct his face.

Science & Technology

"Last Supper" gets digital makeover

12-3-2009 | 2

Researchers have created a digital reconstruction of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper" through a pain-staking process us...

Modern Mysteries

Mona Lisa "had eyebrows"

11-16-2009 | 11

A French art expert who has analysed Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting the Mona Lisa using a 240 megapixel camera has ...


Did Da Vinci fake the Turin Shroud ?

7-5-2009 | 23

A new study has claimed that Leonardo Da Vinci could have fabricated the Turin Shroud, the technique used to match Da Vi...

Modern Mysteries

Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' once had eyebrows

5-27-2009 | 81

Through the use of a new sensitive scanning device that allows a painting's past to be revealed it has been discovered t...

Archaeology & History

New Da Vinci portrait uncovered

3-2-2009 | 4

A previously unseen sketch of a young Leonardo Da Vinci has been discovered underneath some writing on a page of his 'Co...

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