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Space & Astronomy

Astronomers may have discovered first known extragalactic planet

10-27-2021 | 0

Evidence of a planet has been found in a distant galaxy 28 million light years away.


Human-like footprints could be over 6 million years old

10-22-2021 | 3

Tracks left by an ancient human ancestor in what is now Crete could be much older than previously believed.


16 million-year-old tardigrade found in amber

10-6-2021 | 7

The microscopic specimen was found trapped inside a lump of amber dating back to the Miocene epoch.

Space & Astronomy

Branson and Bezos are not astronauts, US says

7-25-2021 | 10

Following the two billionaires' historic flights, the FAA has decided to tighten the definition of the term 'astronaut'.

Modern Mysteries

Leonardo da Vinci drawing sells for $12 million

7-10-2021 | 7

Drawn by the Maestro himself, the small sketch of a bear's head has sold for a record-breaking sum.

Science & Technology

Earth was 'primed for life' 2.7 billion years ago

7-6-2021 | 0

An analysis of diamonds from Earth's distant past has revealed the presence of volatile gases crucial for life.

Science & Technology

Earth has a 'pulse' of 27.5 million years

6-24-2021 | 1

Many of our planet's most significant geological events have occurred in roughly 27.5-million-year intervals.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient deep-sea creature is covered in teeth

6-18-2021 | 0

A bizarre deep-sea species of brittle star is the sole survivor of 180 million years of time and evolution.


Man was struck by lightning 7 times in 71 years

4-24-2021 | 4

For US park ranger Roy Sullivan, this one in a million event became something of a regular occurrence.


Humans were apex predators for 2 million years

4-12-2021 | 23

A new study has indicated that Homo sapiens dined almost exclusively on meat for over two million years.


Alien AI 'could be billions of years old'

4-6-2021 | 120

A NASA philosopher maintains that an ancient extraterrestrial artificial intelligence might already exist.

Space & Astronomy

NASA invests millions in 'out there' projects

3-28-2021 | 3

NASA has revealed the details of its latest crop of space technology grants totalling a whopping $45 million.


Human ancestor facial reconstructions revealed

3-5-2021 | 5

Scientists have painstakingly recreated the faces of two of our earliest ancestors dating back millions of years.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Perseverance rover has landed on Mars

 VIDEO  2-19-2021 | 33

After a journey of 292 million miles and a harrowing descent, Perseverance has landed safely on Mars.


World's oldest mammoth DNA recovered

2-18-2021 | 3

Scientists have extracted DNA from the teeth of mammoths that roamed the Earth 1.2 million years ago.

Natural World

Is the coelacanth really a 'living fossil' ?

2-12-2021 | 6

New evidence has cast doubt on the idea that the coelacanth hasn't changed at all in millions of years.

Space & Astronomy

First ever entirely civilian space trip planned

2-2-2021 | 1

A US billionaire has funded a private manned space mission that will include three members of the public.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Dream yields woman's winning lottery numbers

2-1-2021 | 92

A woman from Toronto scooped a $60 million jackpot with numbers picked from the unlikeliest of sources.


Why have crocodiles changed so little ?

1-7-2021 | 5

Despite being around for 200 million years, crocodiles are much the same today as they were in the past.


Mass extinctions follow 27-million-year cycle

12-14-2020 | 16

Scientists have determined that mass extinctions have occurred throughout history with striking regularity.

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